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American Bully dog in backyard gardenIn truth the term “natural health” is redundant because real, true health can only be natural. Unfortunately for us as well as our pets we’ve relinquished control of our natural health care to the sick care industry: the medical community which can only masquerade as health care.

Recently on our podcast we had holistic veterinarian, Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM (aka the Pet Whisperer) as our guest. He called the thinking behind a lot of modern medicine as reductionism thinking or flat world thinking but holistic, natural whole care as quantum or round world thinking. Really it is getting back to what we know is truth and what is really health. It is very basic and while this article won’t be long enough to share all of it with you here, if you can open your mind to all of this, you’ll begin to understand how we’ve been thoroughly duped and in only 50 short years.

Dr. Blake explained the ABCs of natural pet care as:

A is equal to avoidance of chemicals, toxins, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc.

B is equal to boosting through proper species specific feeding, rest, sunshine, clean good water, possible supplementation and so on.

C is equal to cleansing. By doing a detox or cleanse in your pet’s body, you will help to eliminate the accumulated toxins and mitigating factors hindering your pet from optimal health. For more details on this refer to our article “Healing Crisis and Why That is a Good Thing“.

I often quote from a book by Dr. David Stewart, Healing Oils of the Bible, because of his great insight into the insidiousness of the fraud perpetrated upon our society with the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs. He states in his book how more than 100,000 people in the USA die each year from properly administered drugs and an additional 100,000 plus die from improperly prescribed and/or administered drugs! That is the equivalent to a jet liner crash every single day of the week and more than double the deaths that occurred on September 11, 2001 per week. This is not being talked about in mainstream media because big pharma has deep pockets to share with them. Understand that veterinarians are trained exactly by the same pharmaceutical companies and have the same training as human doctors with the exception that they train on animals instead of humans. So it stands to reason that these numbers could be even higher for pets due to less regulatory control on the pet population.

We have somehow come to think that a trip to the veterinarian should yield us some kind of drug or vaccine to assure us we got our money’s worth on the visit AND that our pet is getting the protection and/or cure he or she deserves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

No synthetic drug will ever cure or prevent illness. Rather we will find our answers in nature. Fresh air, daily sunshine (sans sunscreen -watch your pets, they bathe in it daily for short periods given the access and we need to do likewise), good, clean, fresh water free of fluoride and chlorine, and food appropriate to the species (not commercial junk made to line the pockets of those in the pet food industry not nourish our pets).

Understand that the pharmaceuticals we’ve come to rely on for health will not do much but to drive an illness deeper into the body until it is something very serious. 94% of the marketing claims on legal drugs (pharmaceuticals) are unsubstantiated and unsupported by scientific evidence. If the brakes in our cars were that unreliable, do you think any of us would be driving cars? I don’t think so!

However, those of us in natural care face a daunting task of re-educating the public to these truths with the AMA, AVMA, FDA and all those other letters trying to thwart the process. Just so you have a bit of reference to the claims you see on mainstream television news about how many deaths there are by supplements verses pharmaceuticals, here is just ONE statistic you can chew on:

From 1993-1998 “fewer than 200 deaths occurred from herbs and supplements (mostly from weight loss products) almost 1 million people died from FDA-approved, properly prescribed, medically administered pharmaceuticals and medical procedures.”(Healing Oils of the Bible).

Even scarier is both doctors and veterinarians alike rely on the information given them by the drug companies. This is only one of the many reasons why I choose to not only use a holistic veterinarian but to care for my dog as an entire being through proper nutrition, food, clean water, fresh air and sunshine. Health doesn’t come in a pill. It comes from caring for your entire self, your entire pet, as a whole using what God provided us in nature.

In contrast to allopathic drugs, nature provides us the exact opposite which goes to the cause while easing the symptoms. My favorite example to use is the essential oils. They don’t lie or send wrong messages to the body like drugs do. Rather they clean the receptor sites, erase wrong information in the cellular memory, and THEN restore God’s correct information or original information back into the DNA! This points to total wellness in both animals and us!

I hope you’ll consider the facts set here before you and dig deeper into natural health for you and your pets.

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