Eight Tips to Help You Keep Your Pets Happy and Safe Through Hot Summer Months

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Great Dane puppy in the eye of the zoomie stormNow that spring is ending and summer is drawing ever near we’ll want to remain extra diligent in keeping our pets happy and healthy during the heat of the summer. Here are a few tips for keeping them safe and happy this summer:

1. Make sure that your pets have plenty of fresh, pure clean water DAILY. This does not include water from the tap but pure, chlorine-free, fluoride-free water if at all possible. If you do use the reverse osmosis water that removes ALL toxins, make sure to add back in much needed minerals to your pets’ water AND yours!

2. If your pets are outdoor pets then they need plenty of shade and a way to cool off. Many dog owners use a children’s wading pool for their dogs to lay in to stave off the summer heat. They need shade so if you don’t have trees build a place for them to be in out of summer heat and into some cool shade.

3. Never exercise your dog during the heat of the day. While you may be able to throw on some shorts and a hat and stay cool, your dog has a normal temperature of 101.6 PLUS the added heat of a fur coat. Leave them at home if you plan to exercise in the day. The best time for your dogs is early, early morning to get their daily exercise.

4. Leaving your pets in a parked car, even with the windows down is not a good thing and that’s saying it nicely. If you have to leave them in the car, then the best place for them really is at home where they can stay cool. Even with the windows down a car can get really hot inside and add a fur coat to the mix and you could be looking at a heat stroke or worse death, then top that off with animal abuse. Leave them at home.

5. Nowadays your dogs and cats do not need to wear toxic flea collars or have topical chemical, toxic flea and tick repellents used on them. If your dog or cat runs from you when they see you bring out their monthly pill or that prescription or OTC topical concoction you are putting on them I don’t blame them. There are plenty of natural bug repellants these days without subjecting the pets we love to more chemical onslaught then they’re already getting from the toxic environment we live in today. The key to keeping our pets pest-free is a strong and healthy immune system which is acquired through species specific proper feeding and nutrition. I feed my dogs a raw diet and additional use  essential oils* as part of their support for wellness.

6. Another way to help your pets be well is to do a spring detox or cleansing program on them and help yourself out while you’re at it and join them!
At one time in history, detoxing and cleanses were a part of normal life along with fasting but today we seem to have strayed from our natural roots and depend far too much on biomedicine to get us out of ours and our pets health crunches. Biomedicine was not originally intended for prevention or chronic care and we’d be wise to heed that and go back to what God has provided us in nature for us and our pets to be well preventatively.

7. Another thing you will want to be aware of is by keeping your yards and home chemical and toxin-free you’ll not only keep your yards environmentally safe and sound but your pets along with them. Your pets sleep on the floors and in the yards we have a tendency to put pesticides, herbicides, toxic household cleaners and so on. Our pets lick themselves and their paws, and every single thing you use in your homes and yards will eventually make their way into the bodies of your pets AND you! These toxins are cumulative and can eventually be the cause behind some of the worse types of diseases and illnesses. Do the right thing and switch to organic, environmentally safe household cleaners (I use the Thieves line by Young Living) and yard care. I have used the Gardens Alive! Products for years for my yards.

8. Listen to DOGgone Truth podcast

I hope this helps you keep your pets tail waggin’ healthy and happy this summer – and you too!
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