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American Bully dog eating an RMBSeveral things to keep in mind, we’ve been “learned” by a well-oiled machine called the pet food industry that would have us all believe that our dogs and cats are furry children (well they are to us but…) they are also house carnivores/predators. The worries you have are for humans NOT carnivores. Another propaganda by the pet food industry is that we supposedly have to worry about these things but our house carnivores have the same DNA and general makeup as their wild cousins and were designed to digest meat and bones raw while we were not – anthropomorphizing that causes fear.

The only time bones are bad for them is if they are cooked and those things you “learned” about bones were again propaganda. Our dogs and cats were designed to eat raw meat and bones, we were not. Also they need the skins for their teeth flossing and cleaning and for the nutrients in them. Skins are only bad if cooked because it changes the molecular makeup of the skin and basically cooks away the needed enzymes. You need to feed the bones, as the bones are a VERY important part of the food. Just feeding the meat won’t work.

Cats need more meat than dogs, dogs can eat 1:1 bone to meat ratio cats more like 1:2 bone to meat ratio or more but both need bone, raw. Cats and dogs with NO teeth can and should still eat raw meat and bones. It’s amazing, I invite you to really consider watching those videos and you’ll see with your own eyes. Eleven should be young for a cat not old, but it’s the grains in the kibble and canned foods that have made us think our animals are old at that age because they are basically poisoning our carnivores who were never designed to eat any grains -they don’t have the proper herbivore/omnivore enzymes to do so.

The dry food or canned make the teeth more unhealthy with plaque and bacteria which leads to periodontal disease. Really our domesticated cats and dogs are dying from gum disease that is poisoning their bodies causing the immune mediated diseases like diabetes, arthritis, cancer, kidney and liver disease, etc. If switched to a raw diet, and then have the bad teeth removed, they can and do recover. Imagine living on something you can’t utilize for your good health that’s actually converting to toxins in the body, and not having a choice -that’s what we’re doing to our pets. Besides dogs and cats don’t “chew” as we do side to side or like a horse or cow do with grinding molars. Their so-called “chewing” action is really an up and down pulverizing action to crush bones and swallow, no chewing involved. They have sharp, pointy teeth designed to rip, tear, shred, crush and then they swallow -no chewing. What appears to be chewing is when they’re really working a bone with meat on it, they are doing this for their teeth and gum health.

As for bacteria or parasites, carnivores have amazing digestive enzymes that kill things that can harm us but to help ease any concerns you just need to freeze the meat for 24 hours prior to feeding. For help on parasites before they start I use an essential oil blend by Young Living, Di-Gize Vitality which I give to Shadrach daily. Really though, more kibble-fed dogs will have the problem with parasites than raw fed dogs. So you just have to “unlearn” all the propaganda” 🙂

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Philippians 4: 8-9

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A growing movement of dog and, occasionally, cat owners aims to give pets a more natural diet of raw flesh and bones.

Note: Before switching your pet to a raw meat and bone diet, especially if if your pet is not in good health or is a senior animal, please seek the advice of an animal naturopath or a qualified natural pet health care consultant or take my DOGgone Wellness audio program so you can learn on the go through a mobile app and be empowered!

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