Pet Vaccines and Cognitive Dissonance

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Monkeys see no evil hear no evil speak no evilby Dr. Kim Bloomer

Recently in a forum setting my colleague, Dr. Jeannie Thomason and I, witnessed an interesting dialogue by veterinarians.

One stated that she does not vaccinate her children but was determined that our dogs and cats should be”minimally” vaccinated to “protect” them from the most serious diseases of parvo and distemper. She did state, to her credit, that she only gives one vaccine at a time spaced apart as per the protocol recommended by Dr. Ron Shultz or only one combination DAP (Distemper-Adeno-Parvo viruses) vaccine. Another vet chimed in and went beyond the core vaccines saying that each animal was unique and that we must vaccinate according to individual needs. However, she also stated that ALL companion animals need the core vaccines to protect them from these dangerous diseases. She went so far to as to suggest that by not vaccinating we could see resurgence in diseases we had abolished such as polio, and even included the leptospirosis vaccine as “core” in certain areas. She also stated that there is no black and white area when it comes to vaccines.

What was interesting to Dr. Jeannie and me was how they could see the dangers in vaccinating our children but still assume vaccinating our pets is necessary. The same manufacturers of the vaccines for humans are the same as those that manufacture vaccines for animals.

These same veterinarians stated that they use only “MLV” (modified live virus), non-adjuvant vaccines.

I decided to ask Dr. Patricia Jordan, holistic veterinarian/veterinary naturopath and author of the book, Mark of the Beast: Hidden in Plain Sight, a couple of questions about the MLV and non-adjuvant vaccines because what these veterinarians were saying was not making any sense to us. Following is mine and Dr. Jordan’s dialog of which she’s given me permission to share:

Dr. Kim: What are your thoughts concerning what your colleagues are saying about the core vaccines for pets being necessary? How can they see NOT vaccinating human children and yet still want to vaccinate pets?

Dr. Jordan: Neither is speaking truth in saying the vaccines are necessary to lowering infectious disease, they are simply repeating what they were told and what many ASSUME to be true. Interestingly enough, this is the most highly “quoted” or “repeated” message and yet there is never a reference to check it out from source material. Vaccines are profit centers pure and simple, even John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health shows that vaccines were not what impacted infectious disease rates. Neither do they understand that “reactive airway disease” actually comes from vaccines!

Dr. Kim: Yes that’s what I thought – it’s hard to get them to see outside of their training though. I have some more questions as usual – can there really be such a thing as non-adjuvant vaccines? And can they really be MLV? I thought that viruses aren’t alive or dead so how can they be “modified live“?

Dr. Jordan: There is no such thing as non-adjuvanted vaccines. It is clever marketing from Merial, but what they are using is worse in a different way. They use genetically engineered chimera viruses and then try to dazzle us with big words like “DNA recombinant technology” – their competitors say that is their adjuvant. Dr. Treje Traavik is the one whom first highlighted that these GE viruses are not safe from reverting! This is also covered in the Ruth Berkelman article about the emerging public health issues from use and overuse of veterinary vaccines, mainly the chimera virus used in the rabies baits. But our rabies vaccines now have chimera virus – all the canary pox vectored vaccines. Also, none of these folks have had the benefit of taking my class at Columbia University this year. Viruses are not dead; they are not alive…..there is no such thing asmodified live” or “attenuated” or “dead”…….once injected they are available for reshuffling, recombining, reactivation and the insertion into our genome of the viral proteins…….all from the hubris of man that they could improve on intelligent design!Definition of cognitive dissonance

She also stated to me the following:
What I dug out was THE paper from the AVMA printed back in 1973 which has the FACTS that despite the previous vaccination protocols which were working just fine (4 vaccines) and administered at 8 and 12 weeks not yearly….that the UNSCIENTIFIC move to change out of thin air to yearly vaccinations was from a panel of government regulatory and pharmaceutical reps, a large animal vet in charge of the large animal department at Washington State – and NOT ONE SMALL ANIMAL VET, NOT ONE RESEARCHER, NOT ONE SCIENTIST. This has befallen us from the most dangerous of all – those whom have everything to gain and nothing to be held responsible for.”

Three days after this email conversation with Dr. Jordan, we had South African veterinarian, Dr. Johan Joubert return as our guest on our weekly online radio show, Animal Talk Naturally to discuss the connection between Parasites, Vaccines, and Pet Food: The Machine. During the show I shared a little of the above conversation I’d had with Dr. Jordan. I asked him his own take on why veterinarians keep holding on to and repeating the rhetoric they were indoctrinated with in school even when it flies in the face of good common sense – they are educated and intelligent people so why can’t they see the fallacy of what they are being taught?

Dr. Joubert’s response, in a nutshell was “Cognitive dissonance. Vaccinations are redundant and should be abolished. It is all about income stream.”

Later on in our conversation as we were talking about the natural order of things and how parasites and hosts need a symbiotic relationship for both to survive he had this to say about ill health, paraphrased “Deductive reasoning seeks the cause! THAT is scientific. Reductionist, reactionary medicine (conventional medicine) is NOT deductive, which is NOT scientific.”

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