Assisting Senior, Elderly Canines with Essential Oils

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Yesterday on our internet radio show, Animal Talk Naturally, we talked about how to assist our aging and senior pets naturally: Aging and Senior Pets: Assisting Them Naturally – Show #372.

We brought up several times during the show how using the Young Living Essential Oils, using the raindrop technique, for calming, for discomfort*, etc., were a great way to assist our elderly dogs.

In fact, my colleague Dr. Jeannie Thomason, stated that using the YL essential oils isn’t optional for her elderly dogs! I have to agree knowing all the ways I used them to assist Shadrach through his aging, then his senior years, and ultimately to ease him through his passing.

I used to do even a modified raindrop technique on him weekly – it was our special time together each week. We’d take an early morning walk each Saturday just me and Shadrach sans husband. And then after I showered and we ate, I did his raindrop with music playing. I always felt so connected to him during these weekly sessions. And it also was my gift to Shadrach during his senior months and during his illness.

I used a wide variety of EOs with him including but not limited to Di-Gize, all the raindrop oils, Peace & Calming (a personal favorite in my home), frankincense, Panaway, copaiba, ocotea, and more! This was the health support for my elderly Neo in conjunction with a raw diet, probiotics, enzymes and some salmon oil. He lived to be just shy of 12 – which is unheard of in conventionally reared Neos.

From aches and discomforts to calming I chose to use Young Living Essential Oils with Shadrach. He often chose which ones he wanted – often by trying to take the bottle from me! If he didn’t want one, he’d squinch up his face – which always made me laugh as you can see in the video. He always thought that little container of essential oils in the video were for HIM!

Whenever I was doing a raindrop, I’d allow him to sniff each oil before I applied it to him and he did this little three-sniff thing. Sniff, sniff, sniff, with his nose twitching each time…sort of like Samantha used to do on the old TV show, Bewitched. 🙂 He was such a special boy and taught me how to REALLY appreciate the naturopathic lifestyle for animals and their humans!

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