Aromatherapy for Great Dane Puppy

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I_wonder_how_this_tree_tastes2Many people might think that using these Young Living Essential Oils won’t be necessary with puppies since they are young and healthy right? Well naturally reared pups are indeed the healthiest I’ve ever been around or seen. I’ve seen some pretty sick conventionally reared pups though that people didn’t even realize or consider were in less than stellar health.

That said, yes the YL Essential Oils are in my opinion great to gently use with puppies. I am in fact already using them with my own new puppy, Meshach as I stated in the previous post.

I am using different ones to see how he responds with them.

Anyway something interesting began happening – Meshach presented with a little inflammation in his ear. No dark mite gunk or anything like that, just a little inflammation and wax. I know without a shadow of a doubt that is some detoxing even in this 10 week old puppy. But detoxing from what you might ask?

He is first generation naturally reared. So that means generations of vaccines, kibble, and toxic pest control used. Those carry on through the genes (look up epigenetics). Pottenger proved in his cat study that it takes only three generations to really weaken a species fed inappropriately and up to five generations to correct the problem with correct nutrition according to species needs. So add to that the vaccine damage, as well as pesticide damage and you can rest assured there is compounded damage that needs to be removed.

So supporting him with the laws of health and diffusing essential oils has be a blessing to us and to him.

One of the laws of health is temperance or in modern vernacular, moderation. So easy, slow and steady is what I’ve found works best. The American philosophy of “more is better” isn’t at all true IMO.

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