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Meshach the Great Dane being elegantI want to introduce you all to the Pet Welfare Alliance, founded by Catherine O’Driscoll of Canine Health Concern. Catherine has written books and published a DVD on the importance of naturally rearing our dogs. She is on board with no vaccines and raw feeding to say the least. In fact this organization is all about bringing awareness about vaccinosis and over-vaccination (which to me is ONE vaccine) Here is part of their latest newsletter – if you want to read the newsletters you will need to subscribe and also please get involved in spreading the news. The information on how to subscribe to the newsletter and get involved in the community is listed below.

I am including the article I wrote for this newsletter which is a spin on a recent blog post I wrote here. I was shred by one person on a Dane group who 1) nearly broke her arm applauding her own efforts to stop her dogs’ seizures (for which I am VERY glad she was able to do for her and her dogs’ sakes) – she does vaccinate so stopping those could have stopped the seizures in the first place and 2) somehow assumed I did not do my due diligence in helping Meshach overcome his seizures – she focused on that instead of the vaccine issue because she is a supporter of vaccines even though she does believe in natural support (I don’t get why people want to straddle the fence so much). It just goes to show what lengths people will go to in order to hang on to their accepted beliefs, even in the face of obvious and blatant evidence to the contrary. If you have something tried and true, at least step out and share those things with others. It is easy to cast stones at those who are doing while you sit and do nothing yourself.

Also note that what may work for one dog, will not for another. Each is an individual and we need to remember that. I wished what I had done HAD worked for Meshach…I REALLY do.

Let me make some clarifications prior to you reading the articles below so you don’t make the same mistake.

Meshach was cared for entirely naturally until later in the game. We did not keep him on the drugs all the time – only during cluster seizures. He received ALL natural care in the form of chiropractic, massage, essential oils, herbs/herbal tonics, and supplementation. These things would help initially and then he’d begin with breakthrough seizures as his incidents continued to escalate. He could not go outside in any heat or play with any dogs for any length of time without that ultimately bringing on a grand mal seizure. We were blessed to have a few weeks with nothing more than petit mal and focal seizures for which we are grateful as he was pretty pain-free during that time and grew in stature and strength, as well as had time to enjoy life and be a dog. He had petit mal and focal seizures almost daily – they were so minor for which we are grateful but far from normal or healthy of course. And then grand mals/clusters where in the end nothing would relieve him from them – they were not stopping in other words.

So we did what we had to, the humane thing: euthanasia. My husband and I live such sorrow over his loss. A day hasn’t passed that we aren’t crying and thinking about him. We miss him terribly, sometimes unbearably so and if we could have done ANYTHING to help him be well, we would have. It wasn’t to be. And for that we are heartbroken. So please read the article for the main focus which is on inherited vaccinosis and not the seizures – those are the byproduct of mankind’s hubris in thinking he could improve upon God’s grand design in the first place.

Yes it is a slam on the limitations of conventional medicine which in fact is the one that vectors these health problems in the first place. It has its place of course but it is not the end-all-be-all it wants to force everyone to utilize and believe.

I have not shared Meshach’s entire story yet and I won’t, not yet and not here on the blog. One day I will write his entire story and put it in a book but for now my feelings are too raw to do so. And of course, I need to know that I could devote the time to writing, publishing and promoting it. Right now I don’t have the liberty of time to devote. So, until then, I hope you will just glean from what I am sharing and do your own research into the dangers of vaccines.

Here is some of the Pet Welfare Alliance’s newsletter:

Newsletter – November 2012

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In this issue:
Working together for the animals
What you can do now / what has already been done
Over-vaccination IS the problem
Do you know a jolly good vet?
Germany sees benefits in PWA membership
Four things your pet will thank you for
On a philosophical note
Update on the Rabies Challenge Fund
Cesar and ‘that’ interview
Hurricane Sandy – Flood Action for dogs
A notice to supporters

Working together for the animals
By Catherine O’Driscoll

We have some powerful articles in this newsletter by several of our passionate and knowledgeable Correspondents. Read them and share them – they are here for everyone who is willing to help the animals. They are here to share the love.

Margaret Mead wrote: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Most of us know that there is no point in appealing to the veterinary profession, legislators, regulators, governments or, indeed, big business when it comes to the harm caused by pet vaccines. I have always known that animal lovers are the only people who will change things for the animals: we are the ones who must sit with our beloved pets as they die. We are the ones who have the heart to effect change, because our hearts have been touched by the grace of love. We know that the animals are not less than human beings, and we know that it is wrong that they should be sacrificed on the alter of commerce and greed.

Some of us believe that no vaccine is a good vaccine – myself included. I will never again submit my loved-ones to the dangers of vaccines, and I have dedicated my life to sharing what I know so that other pet owners and their pets can be saved the misery and grief that the commercialisation of our pets brings. I have seen enough cancer, brain damage, autoimmune disease and allergies in animals and humans to say “no” to the vaccine lie.

Some people believe that, because the Pet Welfare Alliance is currently seeking to stop over-vaccination, we are recommending or condoning minimum vaccine schedules. We are not. We are, however, acknowledging that some people are too frightened or don’t know enough to leave all vaccines behind. Heck, some pet owners won’t even stop annual jabs despite the science showing that they’re harmful and unnecessary! We are also acknowledging that it might take a few more years before the world wakes up and stops vaccinating altogether.

There’s another important consideration. Vaccines are causing tremendous harm and should not be used BUT, it would be irresponsible to leave our animals totally unprotected against viral and bacterial disease. So alongside educating people about vaccine dangers, we also need to educate them about the immune-supporting properties of real food, and the options such as homoeopathic nosodes, and anti-viral and anti-bacterial supplements and herbs. It is our duty to help our fellow animal lovers to become knowledgeable about the options.

There is, however, something right now that no scientist or vet can argue with, and this is the fact that we don’t need to vaccinate every year. Even so, this is being ignored by those who make money out of over-vaccination.

By sending a letter to your vet via the Pet Welfare Alliance, you are putting your vet on notice. You are telling him or her that their education is faulty, and that vaccines are causing tremendous harm to the pet population. You are standing up and saying “no” to annual shots, and “yes” to the acknowledged science, alongside thousands of other animal lovers.

Will one letter make your vet change his attitude to pet vaccination? This is unlikely. But we have to start somewhere – by sharing the scientific truth with the veterinary profession one letter at a time.

Currently, the veterinary pharmaceutical and pet food industries have it all their own way. They give money to governments and even work hand-in-hand with governments. They give money to the veterinary teaching establishments, to animal charities, to research organisations…to every conceivable group or individual that will help boost sales. They spend billions on getting their products sold. Vets and pet owners just aren’t hearing the truth – unless we make sure they do.

It was known in 1978 that vaccines against the core viral diseases don’t need to be boosted annually. That’s 34 years ago! How many more years will it go on? How many more generations of annually vaccinated animals are there going to be? And will we still have companion animals by the time the truth is acted upon?

It is our duty, if we love the animals, to rise above apathy and indifference, and stand up to be counted.

Help us to grow the Pet Welfare Alliance into a force to be reckoned with. Tell all your animal loving friends about this new organisation. Invite them to become supporters. It’s free! By adding their name to the list of supporters, they add strength in numbers to this initiative, and we’re recruiting an army of people willing to tell the truth.

The PWA is also a consumer watchdog that incorporates individuals and groups who are already working to protect the animals. Already, the benefits of such a group are beginning to be seen:

– In North America, two of our Correspondents have been admitted to AAFCO (the American Animal Feeding guidelines group) as representatives of PWA.

– In Germany, our Correspondents have been able to show that they are members of a larger, international, organisation, adding strength to their own tireless work.

– In India, our Correspondent was able to influence all of the vets in Mumbai to stop over-vaccination, using PWA material and information.

– This is just the start. Together we CAN effect change. But we really need you to lend your support in whatever way you can. The truth is out there – but who is listening? We need action now!

What you can do now

Get your animal loving friends to and sign our supporter’s list – and they’ll receive regular email Updates on the campaign, plus useful information to help them keep their animals well.

Check on the vet list at this link: If your vet isn’t listed here, go to, input your vet’s details, and send him or her a letter detailing duration of immunity studies and vaccine adverse effects. You can also send letters to breeders, kennels, local authorities, and dog clubs.

A lists of groups which have already received a letter can be found by clicking on this link Click on the type of establishment you want to send a letter to (i.e., kennel, breeder, etc.). You’ll then find a link which shows who has already had it.

Thank you for helping us to spread the truth!

What has already been done

The UK has really taken the Pet Welfare Alliance to heart. Some of our supporters have sent out 30, 40 and even 50 letters to vets in their local area. Thanks to them, and the dedication of Tina, Mustard and Pudding Ogborn, who walked up Mount Snowdon to raise funds for the PWA, we have now sent letters to half the veterinary practices in the UK.

We are starting to get translations of our letters so they can be used overseas. Spain is the first – will your country be next? Our thanks to Maria Segreto and Mike Jones for providing the Spanish translation. If you are able to translate the letter to your own language, do please get in touch.

We’d also like to send big thanks to Kathy Zablotzky for helping us to quality assure the UK vet list.

We need the world to get on board. We need you to become part of the solution. Wherever you are in the world, the veterinary pharmaceutical and pet food industries are not putting the animals first. Will you?

Apathy and indifference – these are our pets’ greatest enemies. Don’t be an enemy. The animals need you NOW.


Over-vaccination IS the Problem
By Kim Bloomer, CVND

On September 17, 2012 my husband and I put to his final rest our fifteen month old Great Dane puppy, Meshach. He died as a result of over-vaccination even though he was never vaccinated. Minimal vaccines are not the problem. ANY vaccine is the problem. Until a lot more pet owners have taken the red pill and woken up out of the Matrix of lies woven about vaccines in general, I will continue to state the simple and obvious to anyone willing to listen and learn; one vaccine is over-vaccination.

Until I can get the attention of pet people to stop thinking that there is such a thing as safe and minimal vaccines, until people learn that vaccines are not okay and protective, then I absolutely cannot stop sharing what I know to be true. I have done my research from information readily available to anyone choosing to access it.

Until more pet people are aware that unnatural foods in the form of GMO-laden commercial processed junk, fed their beloved pets as food from a bag or can; that pesticides slathered on pets under the guise of pest control prevention is nothing more than poison; that injections under the guise of health care delivery are merely a form of disease vectoring; and that ALL of it collectively causes grave harm and suffering while the cartel (veterinary profession, pharmaceutical companies, pet food industry, et. al) literally makes a killing in both lives and income, then I will not stop.

Vaccines are NOT immunizations. They are NOT protective. They ARE neurotoxins which vector disease. Here is a quote by the about neurotoxins:

Neurotoxins cause brain damage in EVERYONE. The extent is the only variable.

You never know the extent of the damage or how that damage will present in your pet. It’s not a matter of if it will present, it is always only a matter of when and to what extent it will present. With my Meshach, the extent was great and fatal. He had all the symptoms of rabies vaccinosis except aggression, even though he had never been vaccinated but his ancestry had all been vaccinated, repeatedly. As the veterinarian who euthanized him stated, “He is very healthy in every respect except for the seizures.” It took twenty minutes for him to die. The veterinarian said he had never seen such a strong, healthy Great Dane before and that is why it was taking so long.

He was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest dog I ever had the pleasure to share my life with. He did not deserve to have to suffer or die as he did, and so young. And he did it all with such grace.

The veterinarians I took Meshach to considered seizures a common and normal occurrence but neither of them connected the dots to vaccines. In fact, the contrary, they thought it was my fault since I had not vaccinated him. As my friend Aleksandra says, they are only taught to memorize the dots not how to connect them.

First of all there is nothing normal about seizures – idiopathic or any other kind. Neither veterinarian did an examination on Meshach, although I was charged for an examination each time. Neither one of them wanted to do more than to prescribe drugs and possibly for us to see a neurosurgeon who they did not think would do any good anyway, and then ultimately euthanasia. That is what they offered. Conventional medicine never has the solutions except for emergency care as far as I am concerned. I am beginning to even question that, though, as I thought this situation was an emergency since Meshach’s episodes had greatly escalated. However, their solutions were no solutions at all – and one veterinarian said as much to us.

In a nutshell, the only treatment conventional medicine can offer is toxins in the form of drugs and increasing them until your pet is no longer themselves but a zombie with liver disease. Then spend a lot of money seeing a specialist that really can’t do anything either. Then at last, the only choice is death by lethal injection. All of it costs you heartache, money, stress, immense grief and your pet immense suffering.

The suffering begins with an injection and ends with an injection. One vaccine per any generation nowadays is over-vaccination. That is how much damage we have done to our beloved pets through the use of vaccines.

I am glad we managed Meshach primarily with natural alternatives so he could live out his days with some quality of life.

As I said previously, Meshach was not vaccinated. He may have lived maybe one day if he had been vaccinated due to the vaccine damage lurking in his body. He suffered from inherited vaccinosis. Yes, I said INHERITED. But you will never hear a conventional veterinarian tell you that or even admit that it is a possibility.

If we continue to think that over-vaccination is merely too many vaccines administered to our pets rather than one vaccine in their lifetime administered being one too many, then one day we won’t have to worry over this as there will be no more pets to consider.

The only safe vaccine is one that is never used. No vaccine can be proven safe before it is given to children. ~Statements by the late James A. Shannon, while serving as Director of the US National Institutes of Health.

And not to animals either I might add!

I will close today with a quote by friend, author, and fellow natural animal health professional, Aleksandra Mikic from her book, Immune Doggy, which I highly recommend:

By vaccinating every individual animal and not allowing it to develop its own immunity, we are effectively preventing the passing of the immunity to the future generations. A vaccine is always made from the most virulent form of the virus since pharmaceutical companies jump on the wagon as soon as the disease appears and the level of fear is at its highest. While in nature this virus would have mutated into a less virulent form, it does not do so in the vaccine. Generations of animals are therefore injected with the worst form of the virus and stripped of their natural immune response which would have been passed onto subsequent generations. What is passed forward instead is deformed DNA, and the destruction of the species must ensue. Vaccinated mothers do not pass on herd immunity, which then puts pups in greater danger of contracting disease while they are very young. By attempting to save the individual animal, we are effectively destroying the species. A healthy species is able to survive without human interference and we are taking that ability away from our animals.

By the way, friend and veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan has stated many times that no studies have been done on the effects to the genome, the DNA by vaccines. And yet, DNA can be changed easily by thoughts, words, and frequencies (Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies). Do you think there is anything but a negative frequency from vaccines? I don’t. My sweet former dogs Fridge, Shadrach and Meshach are all the proof I need. I refuse to participate in this mass slaughter under the guise of health care delivery. I prefer to share the truth and allow healing to take place in anyone who decides to hear, heed and apply it.

I invite you to consider taking our module at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy, A Better Understanding of Vaccines and be empowered with the knowledge you gain.

About the Author:

Kim Bloomer, V.N.D., N.D. is an animal naturopath as well as being certified in small animal nutrition, with years of experience in animal wellness. Dr. Kim is a published author, writer, blogger, host of the Animal Talk Naturally podcast. Copyright 2018 Aspenbloom Pet Care, Dr. Kim Bloomer, All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the Author/Publisher. This article is intended to be educational. However, it is not intended to be a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a qualified animal health professional. Dr. Kim Bloomer and Aspenbloom Pet Care, do not assume any legal responsibility for misuse of the products discussed in this article.


Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: Meshach the Great Dane puppy, by Dr. Kim Bloomer. Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved.