Commercial Processed Junk Pet Foods and Treats

Posted By Dr. Kim on Jan 20, 2013 in Dog Nutrition, Dr. Kim's Views, Feature, Raw Feeding |

Great Dane puppy with toyI have said for years – commercial processed junk pet food and treats are not only NOT species appropriate RAW food it is not food at all – and certainly not a treat if it is killing them! Additionally NONE of this commercial packaged junk will EVER be safe… it never has and never will be. It is and always has been an economic agenda of epic proportions. Here is the article I am referencing and ranting about:

What is interesting is that this food is causing fatal harm to dogs and yet there has been NO official FDA required recall issued. NONE. I don’t consider ANY packaged processed junk in a bag or can “food” therefore I would never feed this stuff to any dog that I have the privilege of gracing my home.

I did once upon a time but when I learned the truth, I have never looked back. I hope you will consider doing likewise and feed your dog a species appropriate RAW diet as his carnivore nature dictates he needs for optimal health to thrive – regardless of what the “powers-that-be” (that typically have vested interests) say to the contrary.

Additionally, I have found several companies I trust for my dog treat purchases in place of those big corporate treats that keep being recalled:
Red Angel Raw
Broad River Pastures Lucky Dog Treats
Grass-Fed Traditions
Rabbit Guy Treats

I watched a movie based on actual true events last night about the state of our educational system in the USA – which is pretty darn bad at the moment. What this one woman and teacher decided to do to change that for their own children was powerful to watch. However, along the way they were vilified and raked over the coals with propaganda that spread lies and only half truths (which by the way are still lies if it is not 100% true) about their characters. Character assassination is often the ploy by those spin doctoring for big corporate entities that desire to keep the status quo the status quo. I know as I too have been a recipient of this sort of stuff myself over the years.

In the case of pet foods and treats, it is not only an economic agenda but one designed to keep you enslaved to the medical profession to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do with your pets for their health that will ensure they keep you coming back while you foot the bill as your pet suffers the consequences. So it’s best to turn a blind ear to that nonsense and take back control of your pets’ health – they are depending on you do to so.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: By Dr. Kim Bloomer (Copyright 2011) of Meshach the Great Dane puppy when he was 3 months old. All Rights Reserved.

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