Vaccines Cause Brain Damage

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I wonder how many people know that? Now wait until you hear what an MD said on his video last week about vaccines:

ALL not some!!!

For several months now we have been doing an ongoing series on Animal Talk Naturally entitled, “Why Vaccines Can’t Immunize” – we have done FIVE parts on this series already with no end in sight. I encourage you to listen to this audio, especially Part One, so you can begin to understand why Dr. Eisenstein said what he did in his video above. (These audios are now only going to be available in my Age of Deception class). 

I did not find it difficult to conclude that there is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines or any kind are effective in preventing the infectious diseases they are supposed to prevent. Further, adverse effects are amply documented and are far more significant to public health than any adverse effects of infectious diseases. Immunizations not only did not prevent any infectious diseases, they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention. It will be decades before the mopping-up after the disasters caused by childhood vaccination will be completed. ~Viera Scheibner, PhD

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Do your research folks and don’t rely on the “authorities” to tell you the truth about vaccines – because they aren’t either because they themselves believe the rhetoric they were taught (ie the medical professionals) or because they won’t admit it for various reasons. Either way, you and your pets lose if you choose to believe the lie.

We should rewrite the books of medicine to reflect the understanding that disease has evolved from the very use of vaccines. Vaccination is experimentation under the guise of health care delivery. ~Patricia Jordan, DVM

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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