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King and Schatzie connectingYou will hear all kinds of ways of applying essential oils to dogs from applying them on their paws to the tips of their ears. New evidence is coming to light, however, that it is better to NOT put the oils on a dog’s paws or ears.

If a dog has floppy ears, often the oils might be too close to their eyes and cause some irritation. Their paws have scent and sweat glands that while protective to them to walk on natural ground, the oils can cause irritation since the oils will go in and detoxify readily through their paws. I learned that first hand applying them to King’s paws. I typically never apply to any part of their body but their backs in a petting motion after putting the oils in my own hands.

King detoxed through his paws very quickly with essential oil application and it did pull out that nasty tar he had actually absorbed into his body from walking on asphalt prior to coming to live with us, which was good, but it was hard on him. He had very tender feet for a while. So it isn’t horrible but we don’t want them to be uncomfortable in the process, we want them to look forward to the oils not the contrary.

My newest dog, Schatzie, is not too sure about the oils yet. When we first got her a month ago, she wouldn’t even stay in the same room with a diffuser going. Now keep in mind this dog is about 6 years old, and has always been fed kibble until now as well as regularly vaccinated. She has a lot of detoxing to do – she is coming along nicely by the way.

After a week or so she would stay in the room with the frankincense burner. Then she would stay in the room with the water diffuser I have in the bedroom. Today I am going to diffuse with the nebulizer diffuser in my office and see if she sticks around or not- she is always as close to me as she can get 🙂 I will let you know what happens.

Every day I still apply three oil blends to my other dog, King: Harmony, Valor and Abundance. Soon it will just be Valor and Abundance as all of his issues with me seem to have resolved!! I am sure it is a combination of reasons:

1. The essential oils
2. My proper interaction with him
3. We believe he now knows he isn’t going anywhere else. It must have been hard for him to be in a third home by the age of one year. But he knows how much we love him since we show it in many ways. He is a happy, funny boy and we allow him to be. We are firm with him since he is so overzealous and goofy in some ways but we want to help his personality blossom not squash it.

As I said I apply the oils to King daily and when I do, Schatzie will sit and watch and then react as if I had applied something she didn’t like to HER. I suspect she has had toxic flea and tick medication applied to her and as sensitive as she is, I imagine that was horrible for her, poor girl.

All of my dogs have seemed to like the oils, will sit for them to be applied, and in fact Shadrach loved them! He would sniff and sniff them from the bottle and always wagged his tail when I got the raindrop oils out as I am sure he associated them with the nice raindrop technique he received. King does the same with the raindrop oils. He loves the massage and how he must feel afterward I am sure.

Schatzie is the first one to act this way. She is also the most toxic of all my dogs, so it isn’t surprising to me. I have also been repelled by the very oils I needed. Once I resolved to use them, magically over a several day period those oils become favorites of mine. Why? Because they were the ones my body needed to detoxify whatever was repelling me. Interesting how that works.

Now onto what prompted me to write this blog post in the first place…

The past ten days or so whenever I apply the oils to King, Schatzie will come lay down next to him while I do it and close her eyes…tight, lol! A couple of times when King wouldn’t come for his application of oils because he was busy doing something (lol again) she laid down (never sits haha) next to me and closed her eyes, tight. I put a drop in my hand, rubbed it and smelled it, then applied it to me and then lightly pet her with the residual. A couple of times she has rolled acting like she wants to get it off and a couple of times she did nothing. But the fact is that she came to me to “ask” for them. I find that really interesting.

If she doesn’t come or stays away, I don’t apply them. I don’t believe we should force them to have the oils applied. King always seems to me to be modeling it for her, like he is saying to her, “Watch me Schatzie girl, it’s okay. They’re good for us. It’s not scary or bad.” He sits up straight and very calm. King is an energizer bunny so for him to be in that state of calm tells me he is communicating SOMETHING to Schatzie.

When she stands next to King when I am applying the oils to him, I will pet her with whatever residual might be left after I pet him. I go up and down his spine three times so there isn’t much left to put on her other than the vibrational frequency. But if she asks, even reluctantly, I will put it on her. Otherwise I don’t and that’s okay. She benefits by being next to King! Or a diffuser or even the light pet with an oil. That is the beauty of these essential oils – one of the MANY beautiful things about them!

Just the fact that I can apply to her sometimes, lightly and that she stays in a room with a diffuser going is HUGE progress in only one month. I will never force her to receive the oils but she is still benefiting nevertheless.

All we have to do is be patient and stay the course – your dog will let you know 🙂

Until next time…

Have a fragrantly healthy day!

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