Meshach: Gone A Year Ago Today But Never Forgotten

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Meshach the Great Dane being elegantA year ago today my heart shattered into pieces as we had to put to sleep our sweet, young Great Dane boy we named Meshach (aka Zona SisCos Through the Fire). After all we did to help him, it just wasn’t enough. The seizures escalated and when a dog is crying in pain, they are in a LOT of pain. They have such a high pain threshold so when they are crying you know it is agonizing for them. There was no sudden healing. There was no miracle cure. Not even a slow, progressive healing but a steady decline instead.

This baby boy, Meshach – a dream come true for me (I had longed for another Great Dane since I was nineteen years old after losing Leben due to my selfishness) – was suffering too much, so we chose to end his suffering. We had only lost Shadrach a year and a half earlier on April 15th – my true heart dog. So my heart was still recovering from that loss. I was able to help Shadrach over the years and in fact he is the reason I began writing, blogging, doing Animal Talk Naturally, the reason I am an animal naturopath, the reason for me for co-founding the American Council of Animal Naturopathy.

However, I could not help Meshach but not for lack of trying.

I have learned a lot since he passed away as I promised him before Great Dane puppy with paw in mouth he slept, that his life would not be in vain. My passion for helping others learn the truth about vaccines (among all the other toxins like kibble, pesticides, etc.) has been ever present in my mind. So today as a tribute to him, I am inviting you all to watch a couple of long videos by MDs that are speaking out, read an article by Ethan Huff, and also listen to a couple of audios by a veterinarian, on the the fraud that vaccines are and the grave harm they are causing to each generation of dog that is vaccinated. Each generation growing weaker and sicker. Each generation damaged and suffering due to human greed. And people just go on believing the lie and attacking messengers such as myself so they can hold onto their accepted beliefs (or they have a vested interest in perpetuating the lie) that is based not in science, not in saving lives, not in health, but in nothing more than pure, unadulterated greed. The lie is so pervasive and has been so effective and the fear so perpetuated that many simply will not hear or see the truth UNTIL their own dog (or child or any other animal or loved one) suffers the consequences of believing the lie.

Trying_To_Sunbathe_Chair_FellDown-300x225So the saying that the truth is first ridiculed, then violently opposed and then (FINALLY) becomes self-evident repeats itself over and over throughout human history because humans will do anything to hold onto the lie.

I read a quote the other day, sans the author, that simply states that “ The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Set it free and it will defend itself.” And that is my plan.

My friend and colleague, Aleksandra Mikic, author of Immune Doggy, will begin work on a new book to bring more of this to light as we (I will assist) share the stories of and write the facts about vaccine damaged dogs. Even dogs that have never been vaccinated like Meshach but inherited the damage – something veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan is also passionate about having more people know and understand.

So for your homework, should you choose to accept my offer to Great Dane Puppy with Big Mean Kittystep out of the lie and into the truth (as I and countless others have done and continue to do – no we don’t believe the polio vaccine lie either) so that future dogs will not have to suffer and die so horribly simply because of a lie based in human greed – is to listen to the audios, watch the videos and read the article.

The first is an article I would like to share that asks the important question – Is your vet truly holistic? My response is, not if they still vaccinate, feed or sell kibble, use antibiotics that are by the way being declared by the CDC to be no longer useful, promote or sell parasite poisons, etc. If they are not following the laws of health and using only nature’s medicine then they are not holistic and it shows they don’t even understand the word. That is why I am not a proponent of the new spin doctor term, “integrative medicine” because you are either one or the other but not both. They can complement each other yes – when needed. I’ll refrain from further commentary so you can decide yourself on that. Here is the article:

Every injection is a potential infection.” ~Dr. Patricia Jordan, veterinarian

A video by the neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD:

A video by physician, Dr. Susan Humphries, MD:

The entire vaccine program is based on massive fraud.” ~Russell Blaylock, MD, neurosurgeon

Check out the audios we have available to help you learn on the dangers of vaccines on our podcast, Animal Talk Naturally.

Great Dane pup after his morning zoomieI encourage you to take the time to go through these and really listen and learn.

I am grateful to have both King and Schatzie in my life now to help me continue to learn and grow and most especially to love. I will forever miss Meshach – he was the one I could not save but he taught me so much and inspires me to continue to learn on behalf of all animals and people. No matter how many veterinary organizations slander and speak against the work Jeannie and I are doing, we will continue because it is not about us, but about the animals. One day maybe the veterinary profession and all our other detractors will get a clue and learn that.

Run free Meshach, and well without hindrance of human hubris, free of pain and suffering until we meet again my sweet Mickey Picky. I love you always and forever. You made me a better person for having known and loved you. I will be forever grateful to you my sweet, kind, wonderful boy. June 2, 2011 – September 17, 2012.

For you and all the others before you and since, I will continue until the Lord says I am done and not until He says so.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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