Butterfly Adversity

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Monarch butterflySomething new I am going to start sharing here are my messages to my Young Living team members in my weekly Business Builder’s newsletter – not all of them but some that I hope will encourage and inspire you in whatever business or work you are doing to help others – animal and human – be well! And I hope that some of you are also inspired to join me and our Young Living family!

A couple of years ago, my colleague/co-host/friend, Dr. Jeannie Thomason and I did a show on Animal Talk Naturally entitled Butterfly Adversity. The title of that show came from a beautiful explanation through a video by Simple Truths about all of the adversity a butterfly goes through to be that beautiful little being we see flitting from flower to flower and want to attract to our gardens.

However, that said, most people aren’t too enamored of the beautiful butterfly when he is but a caterpillar. The butterfly caterpillar first has to survive as a caterpillar against all odds – birds, and other predators love to eat them. They have to struggle in their slow crawly bug way to get to do anything including eat. And there is always the human predator who wants to preserve their beautiful garden from being eaten up by the caterpillar – not thinking how that same caterpillar will help pollinate that very garden later as a beautiful butterfly. Lastly the caterpillar has to go into a dormant sleep by cocooning itself so it can morph into the beautiful butterfly. Creating the cocoon itself is tough work for the butterfly. Emerging from the cocoon is really hard work as well! But somehow they continue and persevere because it is important as a species for them to do so.

Of course that is my simplistic overview of the butterfly but just watch a video or documentary or do a study on all of this and it won’t seem so simple – it is indeed a true test of endurance and in fact survival of the species no matter which butterfly species it is.

Butterfly quoteThe point to all of this is that no matter what you endeavor to do, commit yourself to the undertaking with full commitment and responsibility to see it through – especially if it is good, true, and your passion. And expect some adversity along the way – if it were going to be easy then everyone would be doing it. Anything worthwhile is going to take some courage and stick-ability for you to endure and stay the course. It’s just how it works in this life. Along the way though, in this business, you will help others be well and their pets too which makes it all the more worthwhile. Yes, you will have opposition, because sharing Young Living and its philosophy is true, real health. We know because at our council and our radio show, we are constantly being slandered and libeled by those who have much to gain by keeping the status quo the status quo. And yes, you will probably receive the same thing when sharing the oils because people have been so indoctrinated to believe that only medication prescribed by a doctor is what will work – even though they know it not only isn’t working but they have to keep getting more and more medications to counter the side effects, and so the downward spiral goes. Medications not only can’t, heal they do the exact opposite.

If Young Living truly is your passion, nothing will stand in the way of you doing this. As you emerge to each new level of rank in Young Living, you will begin to see the butterfly I have seen in each of you all along. And I am honored to have you as a team member and to help you grow this amazing business that brings so much health, healing, wellness, abundance and purpose to the lives touched by these essential oils.

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” ~Michelangelo

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