No Try, Only Do

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American Bully dog‘Press on’, has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” ~Calvin Coolidge

It seems in my conversations with my business partner and colleague, Jeannie, at times she will say to me, “Okay Kim, I’ll try to get that done today.” And my response is invariably, “In the famous words of that ever wise sage, Yoda, there is no try, only do or do not.” 🙂 Then we both laugh…but she knows I mean it! She has since learned, after years of me saying that, to say, “It’s on my TO DO list!” hahaha!

It might sound like I am a taskmaster and she might agree except she has asked me to remind her of things so I do. When you think about it though, there really is only do or do not – not try. That doesn’t mean we won’t fail at the doing – that’s okay. I suppose that’s where the “I’ll try” comes in for so many people. After failing too many times people have a tendency to want to quit or give up. But if you are truly pursuing your passion, then doing is your only true option. I did not say forcing or striving to the point of exhaustion or attempting absolute perfection. I mean doing in commitment to providing excellence. Excellence in your service to others – that is really the key to any successful endeavor. Providing the utmost service with sincerity, integrity, and authenticity.

I recently finished reading the book, “Attitude is Everything” and it was so inspiring. While most of it is probably things we already know, the idea behind these kind of books is to help you change your thinking. Scripture says, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The book says that it is our attitude that determines our altitude. I had a mentor once who always used to say, “Kim attitude is everything there is nothing else.” I understood that in theory but not in practice until I decided to put it into practice of late.

I consult with pet owners wanting to learn the naturopathic, whole health approach to the care of their pets (emphasis on cats and dogs). Well after years of doing this over and over and over (same thing the author of the book was going through) I had come to almost resent the consultations that came my way. I’d grumble and be frustrated, and especially sorry for the pets that had to endure a conventional approach for years. But then something happened to me of late – and I know it has been an attitude adjustment. I thought, “What if I looked at each consultation with my original excitement at knowing one more pets will be helped? One more pet owner will be empowered? One more opportunity to serve with my utmost ability? And most importantly, what if I remember from whence I came – when I was once where they are too?

Now before I start a consultation (I often do them via email so I can give them LOADS of resources and turn it into a reference guide for them) I start thinking about how to help them. I pray and ask God to guide me through it all to give His words of wisdom. So now when I sit down to do a consultation I have found they go so much smoother and quicker! Fancy that!

Nothing about the consultations has changed, only my attitude has changed. Since I broke my ankle a lot in my life has changed. I have learned to appreciate all the small things I couldn’t do at first like carry my own tray. Or carry the plant spray and watering can to water my plants. I had to depend upon my husband for so much. Now that I can do a lot more as my ankle is healing rapidly (thank you Young Living!!!) I am excited to be able to once again do these things for myself and what a joy! Those simple little things that I took for granted before the break. My healing has progressed greatly and while I am still not out taking the daily walk YET (running again will come in the new year), I know it won’t be long. I owe the majority of my healing to these amazing, therapeutic, authentic healing agents Young Living Essential Oils!!!

The same mentor used to tell me to check my ego at the door. By putting those I am serving FIRST, then I can serve with joy – that is SO liberating! There is no striving or trying only DOING!!! If I feel my attitude slipping I do a little mental exercise because it is merely my impatience trying to sneak back in and reassert the ego as well. I close my eyes and consciously tell any angst or frustration to go. And it does. I can actually sense the shift in my energy. I also have been using several of the emotions/feelings oils like Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Acceptance, Forgiveness, SARA, Gratitude and RutaVala. I diffuse the oils every evening and it also helps my dogs calm down for the night as well. And if you will recall the posts I wrote on helping my American Bully dog, King, with “his” issues? Well I have discovered they were primarily MY issues. He needs calmness and assertiveness. If I get too excited or even allow my anger to show outwardly he goes on the defense. This little dog is an answer to prayer: I have asked to get this anger I have harbored all my adult life done away with and the answer came in the form of a 50 lb American Bully in combination with essential oils for the emotions!

Once I sense the calm return, I can then be in gratitude once again. This might sound strange, but honestly I do a lot of self talk and always have – not always positively though. But in order to commit to the daily workouts I have done for many years and very early in the morning, I have self-talked through it. And it has worked. I am now just applying the same thing to my attitude about my work, my Young Living Business, my personal life, everything!

And all because I fell and broke my ankle, losing my physical liberty. I would never wish for that to be how you learn this – I hope you just receive what I am saying and RUN with it! I can’t wait to RUN again hahaha!

The only thing limiting you in any of your goals is YOU and your ATTITUDE!

Progress involves risk. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” ~Frederick Wilcox

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