Essential Oils with Animals

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I thought I’d share a short little video with you I did a couple of months ago on the Animal Scents product line by Young Living Essential Oils. Just a quick and short one to let you know that we have animal specific essential oils available.

I am currently working on a class for essential oils – a free one – with my colleague Jeannie. We wanted to help everyone understand a new “old” perspective on what the oils really do in the body versus the conventional approach that most people have been taking to their use.

As soon as it is ready (VERY soon) I’ll send out the link so you can access it. I will also link it on my Aromatherapy for Dogs page.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all – which reminds me I have a newsletter with a Thanksgiving message as well which you may access online if you aren’t subscribed yet.

Be blessed and until next time…

Have a positively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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