What Is Your Pet Up To When You Are Gone?

Posted By Dr. Kim on Nov 29, 2015 in Feature |

cam1Recently I was approached to test out a pet “spy” camera so as to keep an eye on my dogs while I am away – to work, shopping, whatever it may be. The actual name is Vimtag HD Plug and Play IP Camera.

I thought the idea was intriguing so I decided to say yes to the offer from Vimtag and at least get a view of the product in my hand. It was promptly mailed to me and I must say I am quite impressed with all the attention to detail not only in the actual product but the instructions and set up as well.

You register and set up the product through an app and then hook the ethernet cable the camera comes with to your computer router. It’s all a relatively simple process and explained simply and well.

With the simple set up out of the way, let’s pose the question on WHY you would invest in this product in the first place – I questioned that also since I do work from home so I’m with my dogs most of the time.

The logical suggestion posed to me was well when you leave to go shopping, visiting, dining, etc., you can have surveillance available on your pets for even those short times you are away. We all know the horror stories of things happening very unexpectedly to pets while being gone for a short time only to return to find your pet injured, stolen or worse, deceased – and it could have been avoided if you could have seen what was going on in advance.

Now I am not one to fear-monger but I am glad that I have this camera now to keep an eye on my dogs (and home) through the camera using my mobile phone! Pretty exciting actually. It is a sturdy, elegant product not a cheap knockoff thing.

I will post an update in a couple of weeks to let you know how it has worked out for us including personal photos of the camera in hand. I’m especially interested to see what my American Bully, King, does when we are gone. We are fairly certain that Schatzie, our Carolina Dog probably just sleeps…but who knows we may be very surprised at what we see :-). Just so you all know, the one I received is the Silver one (see photo).

In the meantime, it may be the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life who is crazy over their pets, but you are at a loss as for what to get for them.

Here are just some of the special features of the camera:71Kg3bfV5WL._SL1406_

*Vimtag products are easy to set up, personalized, home automation that will allow you to see your house from your computer, smartphone or tablet, no matter where in the world you are.

*Vimtag cameras are strong, quiet and durable. They offer a number of onboard features including motion detection, microphones and Wi-Fi connectivity.

*Vimtag offers and develops consistently many new features and updates on a regular basis. To the software that powers the cameras for better security and easy use.

*Vimtag’s customer service you can count on to walk you through any issues you may have setting up your home network with our security cameras and products.

*Vimtag is not just selling a product, but a service. Our customer service will work with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of your security cameras.

*Vimtag cameras are compatible with many devices. You can quickly access your home network with your smartphone via our iPhone and Android Apps.

Again here is the link to order it online: Fujikam Wireless Monitoring Surveillance Camera

Until next time…

Have a positively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy, safe day!

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