Going Green “Fail” – Part 2

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Ditch the candlesIn Part One we discussed the pseudo greening of America. The incredible amount of toxins we are inundated with on a daily basis is enough to sink a ship – literally. In Part Two we are now going to discuss the natural alternatives. Some products may appear to be too expensive to you while others may appear to be too cheap and simple to actually work. The bottom line is they all work very well without the toxic side effects and subsequent medical costs that ensue with conventional, toxic chemical based products. As for the more expensive products such as the therapeutic essential oils, price is very small in comparison to what you’ll pay in ill health using conventional, toxic products.

We’re going to focus on products to use on yourself, in your home, in your yards as well as those for your dogs. The reason why it is important to focus on replacing toxic products in all of these areas and not just for your pets is because it all effects them as well as you.

Pre-made Products

The following is the primary one we recommend and use for our own personal and household care: Young Living Essential Oils.

We both have long used the Young Living essential oils, supplements, personal care, and their entire line of Thieves products that include dish soap, laundry soap, household cleaner and more. Young Living’s primary product is their line of therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil blends. All of their products have their essential oils in them. These are our favorite products to use as we not only trust the efficacy and purity of their products but they have been independently tested to be pure, medical/therapeutic grade. In fact they have a Vitality selection that is all for internal use in addition to the rest of the oils that can be used for both topical and inhalation. Thieves household cleaners by Young Living

We use the household cleaner in our laundry, to clean our floors, and in spray bottles as surface cleaners and natural disinfectants. We both also mix their essential oils with other ingredients such as white vinegar, olive oil, baking soda and distilled water to make our own pure and safe products to use in our homes. We only recommend and use Young Living Essential Oils. We have found that many other store available essential oils are typically adulterated with synthetic ingredients and chemicals making them unsafe and ineffective. In addition, Young Living also has a wide variety of skin care, hair care, and body care products to choose from. These products are sold only through distributors.

Young Living Essential Oils now offers very safe cosmetics for women as well as a skin care line – called Savvy Minerals! There is now a wide variety of safe cosmetics available for women. To choose the most wisely visit www.ewg.org and https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ for personal care and cosmetics specifically.

Recipes for the Home

Here are some different ways to create your own household products with very inexpensive yet very effective ingredients that are most probably already stocked in your pantry:

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a natural organic bi-product of fruits, vegetables and grains. It is therefore edible and biodegradable. Vinegar’s ascetic properties make it “The Perfect Household Cleaner” for its usefulness as a stain remover, mold and mildew eliminator, soap scum dissolver, chrome polisher, lime de-scaler, fabric softener, room deodorizer, and unclogging agent. Various studies have found that vinegar can inhibit the growth of some strains of E. coli. A Heinz company spokesperson Michael Mullen references numerous studies to show that a straight 5 percent solution of white vinegar—the kind you can buy in the supermarket—kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs (viruses).

Keep a clean spray bottle filled with straight 5% white vinegar in your kitchen near your cutting board, and in your bathroom, and use them for cleaning. You can safely leave a spraying of white vinegar on your cutting board before going to bed at night and let it set overnight without rinsing. Straight white vinegar is also great for cleaning the toilet rim. Just spray it on and wipe off.

The following are simple recipes that may look too simple and inexpensive to work but they are very effective:

Produce: To clean fruits and vegetables we use the Thieves Fruit and Vegetable cleaner by Young Living. However, you can just your product in the kitchen sink with water (hopefully yours is fluoride and chlorine-free) and a generous amount of white vinegar and let them soak for a few minutes. You do not have to rinse them, just air dry or dry with a paper towel. Not only have you just cleaned and disinfected your produce, but the vinegar will also stop your berries from growing that inevitable fungus allowing you to keep them fresh longer.

Laundry: Neither of us personally ever use fabric softeners or bleach. We use white vinegar as the “softener/disinfectant/deodorizer”. For the “white” loads of laundry you can add in hydrogen peroxide for its natural whitening effect. With “dog” laundry we both use a little of the Thieves household cleaner in addition to the above as well as Zeolite powder (https://www.nogc.com/index.php ) if the laundry happens to be very smelly…as can be the case with vomit, diarrhea, whelping bedding, etc. But the Young Living Thieves Laundry Soap has proven very effective at even the toughest laundry jobs.

Something else we’ve found very effective for laundry are laundry magnets which can be purchased at www.WaterLiberty.com (specifically http://shop.waterliberty.com/products/mls-starter-pack?variant=16412752198). Additionally this site also offers some GREAT cleaning towels that have cut our cleaning time down and given us very effective kitchen and bathroom aids in the form of nano technology. They come in a variety of pack sizes.

Floor cleaner: We also both personally use Thieves Household Cleaner by Young Living. Dr. Kim’s husband is the floor cleaner and he uses a steam floor cleaner that requires no cleaning agents as the steam disinfects, but they also use the cleaner for washing floors the old fashioned way on the hands and knees. For those of you who want to make your own cleaner, you can use ¼ cup of white vinegar in a bucket of warm water with a few drops of lemon or pine essential oils (we only recommend Young Living Essential Oils) for a wonderful scent as well as powerful cleaning.

Window cleaner: Once again use a cup of white vinegar mixed with about ten drops of lemon essential oil. Place in a spray bottle and fill the rest of the way with water. Using a nano towel with the spray to clean your windows and mirrors will insure they come out sparkling clean.

Tropical Breeze Natural Air FreshenerAir freshener: With a cobalt blue or amber glass spritzer bottle (http://www.specialtybottle.com/) add in 10 drops or more (depending on your personal taste and need) of lavender, peppermint, Thieves and Purification essential oils, (or use them individually) and then fill bottle with distilled water. Be sure to shake the bottle before each application and use as needed. Additionally we highly recommend getting a cold air diffuser (Young Living sells these as do a variety of aromatherapy suppliers) and diffuse your home with essential oils. These will purify your indoor air as well as put healthy negative ions into it, and benefit the health of your entire household including your indoor pets, while it will repel most insects.

Recipes for Personal Care

Toothpaste can be as simple as using a little baking soda, some coconut oil and add a few drops of one of YL’s Vitality essential oils, mix together and you have toothpaste. Thieves essential oil blend and peppermint essential oil are nice choices for fresh breath and a clean mouth. To whiten your teeth you add 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. There are quite a few books available now on the many benefits of using peroxide, white vinegar and baking soda for most of our household and personal care needs.

Shampoo: Did you know that before Vidal Sassoon came on the scene, most Americans washed their hair with baking soda and rinsed with apple cider vinegar? I know that may sound like it would not be very effective but after reading how simple AND healthy it is for your hair, we think adventurous souls will be more than willing to give up their expensive, over-rated, toxic shampoos and conditioners to try this inexpensive and quite effective wholesome, natural hair care remedy: http://simplemom.net/how-to-clean-your-hair-without-shampoo/ . For our dogs we recommend the Animal Scents Shampoo and Animal Scents Ointment by Young Living. The ointment doubles a coat conditioner as well as soothing for irritated skin.

Lotion: Raw coconut oil makes both a great body moisturizer as well as a natural suntan lotion without the heavy chemicals found in most conventional products. You can add essential oils for scent and additional support – we like to make a lotion using 1 cup of coconut oil and a 1/2 cup of shea butter. Heat and melt, then let it chill in the fridge until semi-hard. Then mix well with a hand mixer. Once mixed we add in the essential oils of manuka, lavender, and carrot seed, palmarosa – oils that support the skin. Whip and pour into dark amber or cobalt blue glass jars.

Coconut oil is so pleasant smelling and it also is great for your overall health. In addition it has been known to support the metabolism in making it more efficient.

Recipes for the yard and outdoor activities

The most natural and recommended all-purpose yard product to use to deter bugs of all kinds is food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE) but please use it with jurisprudence as it is non-discriminatory.

We enjoy watching the amazing amount of wildlife and insect life that abounds when nature is honored. Plus you will not be adding to the ground water contamination that happens when using toxic conventional yard products that kills off the natural organisms in the ground, and forces all of nature within your yard out of balance. That causes a domino effect until ultimately the chemicals win out and nature loses.

You can also start doing what is called companion planting. By planting chives and garlic throughout your garden you can be assured that no aphids will make their unwelcome appearance. A great book to learn more about this is Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotti.

A great book to get as a guide, even though it is a bit old, is The Safe Shoppers Bible by Samuel S. Epstein. This book covers so many of the toxic chemicals to avoid as well as natural alternatives.

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