Get Your DOGgone Oil-ucation On!

Posted By Dr. Kim on Aug 28, 2018 in Canine Naturopathy, Essential Oils, Features, Natural Modalities for Dogs, The DOGgone Truth, The Young Living Lifestyle |

white dog on blue lakeJust this past week I finished up a free online course set up for those on my Young Living team, but also for anyone who wants to learn about using the Young Living Essential Oils with their dogs proactively rather than reactively. We keep all above the wellness line yo aight?!

So if you’re ready to get your DOGgone oil-ucation on then you’ll want to check out this new site – zero cost – at We’ll be adding new classes monthly as long as we have something to share and something to teach which is going to be OIL THE TIME! Right now here are the classes we currently have available:

1. Your Essential Canine
2. ReBARKably Scent-able Canine
3. DIGGING Those Good Vibrations
4. Get the Schtank Out!
5. Oily Resource Center (where I’ve put all the how to dos, what to dos, and extra information that is pertinent to all the courses so be sure to sign up for this resource also – it’s free)
6. DOGgone Wellness – everything I’d ever teach in an initial consultation!! This is the only program that isn’t free but it will be worth your investment.

More free classes will be coming as well as more resources added to the Oily Resource Center.

Also, you’ll want to get the Podbean app to get exclusive as well as paid premium content from my new podcast, the DOGgone Truth.

The premium content will be a lot of what we taught at our former school on animal naturopathy!! Plus you can access it all via the Podbean app making it super easy to learn on the go!!

While Thinkific doesn’t have an app, you CAN still access the content via your mobile devices by going to the website link, and log in that way to access the content. It isn’t as convenient as an app I know but they are mobile prepared.

So to sum it all up there are two offers here for readers:
1. The site to get your doggone oil-ucation on!
2. Sign up for my Doggone Truth podcast on Podbean to receive weekly free audio content, as well as premium audio content if you decide to subscribe to the paid content when that comes available. The cost for the premium content is only $14.95 per month and I’ll be adding content regularly.

That’s all for now – look for a lot of blogging content (variety of material) to be coming on this blog also that wasn’t available for a while but now will be once again.

So stay tuned to this blog!

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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