How I Helped Myself to Naturally Detox

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YL essential oilsToday I want to share something that used to happen to me ALL THE TIME when I would apply ANY essential oils to my neck. I would break out eventually in hives wherever I had applied those oils on my neck. Anyone might think I was “allergic” to the oils. However, that isn’t possible first of all unless the oils had a carrier oil mixed with them such as a nut seed oil like almond OR unless you are using essential oils that aren’t subject to the stringent process of Young Living Essential Oils – the only ones I would ever use.

You see for years I used regular toxic fragrances in the form of perfumes, lotions, hair color, shampoos, conditioners, and makeup. That stuck around in my body no doubt since those toxic products are cumulative in our bodies.

While it did take years for the essential oils to remove those toxins as I replaced those harmful products with products that wouldn’t add to the cumulative toxin burden I obviously was carrying, I continued on anyway.

I would stop applying essential oils to my neck for a while and then start back. Then stop. I did that for YEARS. I did keep applying to primarily the bottoms of my feet and had no problems when I did that. Imagine the build up in my body! Imagine that was so close to my brain! Imagine that if I had not stopped and switched to YL and a whole health lifestyle, what could have become my reality?

You see I also suffered from asthma and allergies terribly in those days. I had lung, sinus and throat infections all the time growing up and into my adulthood. I took the prescribed medications to supposedly “heal” myself. ALL of that had to be detoxed and that takes time. It’s important to note that healing isn’t an overnight thing UNLESS Jesus miraculously heals you (which I had hoped He would but that is another whole topic). Nature is slow but sure…it takes time.

All those medications are petrochemical derived as well as the personal care products I was using. The essential oils helped me detox all of that, but I also had to make better choices so as to NOT continue the toxin burden.

I’ve heard of people saying these essential oils don’t work. What do they even mean when they say that? That comment doesn’t make any sense (scents). The oils are doing what they are designed to do but we MUST do our part also which is remove the mitigating factors hindering healing and wellness. Get rid of all those toxic products and replace them with products that support your body as a great start. And of course proper nutrition plays a vital role just as it does in our dogs. That’s a no brainer yo!toxic chemicals on women

To me that’s like my faith. I have to decide to change my mindset. I have to decide to shift and follow otherwise they’re just empty, babbling words and no commitment.

Here are some articles by our resident Diamond and awesome chemist, Dr. David Stewart (it seems Dr. Doug Corrigan is carrying the torch now for Dr. David and into the quantum realm!)

I AM going to share this here because what I used to always tell people when I got this statement was usually, “as compared to what? Your expensive doctor bills?

I was a bit under the weather when I first wrote this blog post back in March over a weekend. Some weird stomach thing. My husband decided to go visit my mom who is in a nursing home. So he called me from there (she doesn’t have a phone there) so I could talk with her. She told me several times to go to the doctor LOL and I said, “Mom that isn’t going to happen.” My husband told her the same exact thing.

It’s not a pride thing ya’ll, it’s a knowing thing – and as a trained naturopath (both in animal AND human health) also. First of all this was a simple illness and most likely a body detox thanks to the Freedom Kit Challenge I am doing for 60 days. Emotions detoxing can DEFINITELY affect our bodies, but who wouldn’t want to be rid of that kaka anyway? Literally and figuratively lol. I’m just saying.frequencies

Secondly, what could they possibly give me besides more junk that hinders wellness and only suppresses symptoms??? Can I get an amen?!

So what did I do? I followed a primary law of health: REST. Rest from food. Rest in bed. Yep. That’s it. And I diffused oils all day for two days (on the weekend no less lol). Just a variety of oils primarily for calming. That is ALL I did. And guess what? I got well FAST. Oh and I sunbathed on Sunday and the rest of that week (I always sunbathe year round if the weather is 50+ and sunny). That’s another law of health.

So what is expensive? I’ll vote for this option ANY DAY OF THE WEEK – including weekends!

Learn more on these essential oils:

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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