Happy CALM 4th For Your Dog

Posted By Dr. Kim on Jun 28, 2019 in Dog Behavior and Nature, Essential Oils, Natural Modalities for Dogs |

calming eos for dogs THAT holiday that can really cause some fear in dogs is coming up soon so I’m re-sharing this blog post I wrote last year. Here are a couple of graphics that can help you keep your dog happy and calm for the 4th. Bookmark this post so you can reference it and take advantage BEFORE the holiday comes and your dog freaks out and possibly goes AWOL – we want to totally avoid that tragedy!

I have used the YL oils since 2004 so I trust them and have had really great results with them. I prefer to pet along the spine and avoid the ears (behind the ears I have done and behind the paws as well as this post suggests).

Here is a video on calming oils I did a couple of years ago to further aid you

We all know what causes these sorts of fears in dogs don’t we? If not, I can point you to my DOGgone Truth Club sharing DOGgone Wellness where you can learn ALL about that!

Blends I suggest to further support your dog: T-Away (made especially for dogs and is my all time favorite for calming), Valor, Grounding, Peace & Calming.T-Away essential oil blend for dogs

calming oils for dogs

Just KNOW that these natural aids can help with the emotional release while harmonizing the body in the process. If you want to know more or are interested in getting some of these essential oils for your dogs go to these two pages here on this site:

Have a VERY Happy and CALM (at least for your dogs!) 4th of July Holiday!

Until next time…

Be WELL! Gotcha didn’t I hah! AND a tail waggin’ day, WOOF!

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