Fasttracking EMF Exposure, Part 2

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5G Online SummitThis has been a topic of interest to me since 2006 when I first began learning of the dangers to us and our pets. Now I see more and more pets affected by this including my own which is why I’ve put protections in place. I think I’d be remiss in not sharing this news with you all. As always I’ll share some quotes to encourage you to DIG in and learn so you can at the very least be informed. This free online summit will help you learn as well as provide you some viable solutions. I’ve shared what I use in previous posts.

Here is the link to Part One:

While Cal Washington is NOT part of the 5G Online Summit, the information in this video can be very eye-opening for you all by itself.
The newest update to EMF exposure is 5G. The industry claims it is safe for your health. They dismiss numerous peer-reviewed, independent studies showing the risks it presents while they are rapidly expanding it on a global level, escalating it in fact during this shutdown.

Hundreds of scientists from 40 different countries have reached out to the United Nations and the FCC, asking them to consider health risks and environmental issues before rapidly deploying 5G — because these researchers have studies that show adverse biological and health effects from EMF sources.
I”ll provide you a video here to help you as well as the link to attend this summit online free this week! I’m attending as well. Also, some free ebooks to further support and aid you.

You may have heard of 5G, it stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless. In a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the wireless industry was forced to admit they had no safety studies on 5G, and don’t plan to do any.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of independent studies concluding that wireless radiation causes biological harm.

Despite this, the wireless industry is working with governments to deploy 5G — it’s a global, for-profit, human experiment (planetary experiment really because it has already proven to affect animal and plant life)  without our consent.

What does it mean? 5G is a higher frequency, therefore it travels shorter distances than our current wireless signals, therefore exponentially more transmission devices must be installed to provide connectivity — millions more, in fact, on lamp posts, telephone poles and other “rights-of-way” for existing utilities. Each tower emits radiation at levels known to cause weakened immunity, cancer, sterility, DNA damage and other harm… especially to our children, who are most at risk. Natures Pharmacy

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+ How groups and individuals are successfully opposing 5G
+ Simple, empowering actions you can take
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Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt
There are two factors that drive the epitome of chronic illness: one is the WiFi environment; and the other is agrochemicals, the chemicals used to grow our food. If you could control those two factors, there would virtually be no chronic illness. We would have succeeded in eradicating cancer and eradicating pretty much all chronic illnesses.”

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman
The electromagnetic fields which are highly biologically active — they don’t actually heat the body the way an ionizing radiation or X-rays do — but the cells in your body really react to these EMFs as potentially harmful. And they shut down.”

Dr. Jay Davidson
Viruses, parasites, bacteria, these different stressors can cause coagulation
of the blood. Even EMFs — electromagnetic fields — or what’s technically called EMRs now, electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and Bluetooth, they can also change. Cell phones right to your head can change the coagulation of blood.Lets Talk About EMFs

Your guides for this event are Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji, two iconic health advocates who are known for changing the way we view and achieve improved health and happiness.

If you’re hungry for cutting-edge information with life-saving consequences, and want to be part of a movement dedicated to empowering ourselves and humanity, join us for this event!

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Article: Speaking Out on ElectroSensitivity and 5 G

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