Why Cannabidiol is Beneficial for your Pets

Posted By Dr. Kim on Aug 25, 2020 in Articles, Dangerous Drugs - Toxic Chemicals, Natural Modalities for Dogs |

I’m sharing a guest post by Keith J Myers – hope you learn a lot. Just know that I’m sharing this information for educational reasons. I am not advocating for any product nor do I necessarily agree with everything shared, I just want to provide you with viable solutions for your dog. ~Dr. Kim Bloomer

“Do you have an aggressive pet at your place that won’t calm down no matter what you do? Or do you have a pet that has suddenly developed joint or muscle pain? You might have heard about CBD from your acquaintances but at the same time, I know that you’re concerned about whether they are safe to be used for your beloved pet or not.

Since Cannabidiol is popular for treating anxiety, pain, and inflammation, more people are using it for treating their pets. According to the Chief Veterinary Officer Jerry Klien, DMV, CBD is being bought by many pet owners but there are some things that the pet owners should know. He says that the animals can’t talk and thus it is difficult to say how they feel. If you’re interested in administering CBD to your pet, there are a lot of things that you should know. Following are the most common concerns that a pet parent has:

What does the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) say about this?

As for now, FDA has approved only a single cannabis-based drug that is used to treat epilepsy. This drug, named as Epidiolex has no restrictions for animals either. However, FDA states that the veterinarians must follow all the instructions that are present in the AMDUCA (Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act). Most of the cannabis and marijuana based products are not tested for effectiveness for animals by the FDA. FDA is still doing research and collecting information on such drugs and medicines and thus it recommends that you consult the veterinarian before opting a treatment for your pet.

How is CBD administered to animals?

The CBD pet care products are available in various forms; oils, capsules, and chewable treats. CBD oil is the most common form and it can be added to food. Administering CBD oil is one of the best ways as it reaches the blood in high concentration and is absorbed by the body easily. This way CBD also remains in the bloodstream for a longer period of time.

How does CBD function in animals?

The cannabinoids in the drug interact with the endocannabinoid receptors that are present in the central and the peripheral nervous systems, these receptors are responsible for keeping the body in a balanced position and maintaining a good health. In dogs, just like humans, the CBD is metabolized by the liver (as found by McGrath). However, more researches are being done to find out the way CBD works in animals.

What are the benefits of giving CBD to your pets?

When it comes to giving CBD to your pets, always consider the quality and dosage of the drug. Some recent papers also suggest that CBD is safe to be used for animals. The ElleVet Sciences also conducted a test and determined that CBD reduces pain in dogs with osteoarthritis. In light of various studies and researches, the following are the benefits of giving CBD to your pets:

1.      Relieves pain

Various studies suggest that CBD is very effective in treating inflammation and pain. CBD oil is very beneficial when it comes to handling pain, discomfort, and swelling. CBD stops the production of anandamide in the body, which increases the sensation of calmness and relieves pain. The drug is also known as an anti-convulsant as it helps control the spasms, tremors, and seizures.

2.      Reduces stress and anxiety

Is your pet behaving weirdly for some time? You might be thinking that stress and anxiety are for humans only, but this isn’t true. Animals have emotions too and just like humans, they respond to various situations such as the death of their cubs, separation from owners, loud noise, and dislocation in an emotional way. Medical research states that CBD improves the overall mood and helps alleviate stress in the pets. If your pet is showing symptoms like barking continuously, defecating at unusual places, and aggression, CBD oil will give the needed relief to him/her.

3.      Helps battle cancer

 According to my recent reading, CBD oil products are very effective in treating various medical conditions in dogs, especially cancer. CBD has proven to stop cancer cells from growing and it also increases the death of the tumor cells. Many pet owners claimed that CBD oil helped their pets to deal with cancer; the cancer cells never returned and the pets are cancer free now.

4.      CBD is antiemetic

There are lots of evidences that tell us that CBD is a very effective antiemetic as it controls vomiting and nausea both and also stimulates the appetite. There are many animals that go through nausea, mostly because of aging and other underlying medical conditions. Vomiting also results in loss of body mass, hunger, indigestion, and cause your pet to be frustrated. Research from 2011 states that CBD reduces the effect of nausea in animals.

5.      Promotes homeostasis

There are many pet owners who use CBD oil for treating their pets; this is not because they want to treat a particular medical condition, but this is for keeping their pets healthy. CBD acts as a regular supplement that improves the overall health of the pet and makes sure that your pet is active and happy throughout the day. It improves digestion, promotes cardiovascular health, and allows the pet to sleep peacefully for many hours. If you’re Curious in more solutions, let me tell you that CBD is effective for treating various kinds of allergies in dogs.

Bottom Line

CBD gives you a good opportunity to treat your pets in the best possible way. It is time that pet parents clear their misconception regarding CBD oil as it comprises of little to no THC trace and gives your pet all the possible health benefits. Some of the possible side effects include drowsiness and dry mouth, but you can control it by following the proper dosage. The side effects are little and the benefits are countless; with the right quality and quantity of CBD oil, you can easily overcome various medical conditions of your pet.”

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