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This photo is of Oscar – a happy client’s dog 🙂 used with permission

Like all the testimonials on this site, the client comments on this page were provided to me unsolicited, without compensation, incentives or reward

All of the following are testimonials on the books I’ve authored or co-authored:

Hi Dr. Kim ~ I received “Animals Taught Me That” today. Your other book (Whole Health for Happy Dogs) was FANTASTIC. I zoomed through it, and it’s a GREAT reference book. Now I’m ready and curious to read about how you came to be such an animal lover and advocate. Again, “thank you” for all you do. ~Susan Eslick Kevorkian

Good morning, I read your book Whole Health for Happy Dogs and loved it. My husband and I have been feeding our 2 dogs the raw food diet since the beginning and gave them vitamins too, but had no idea about all the other avenues of treatment indicated in your book. I also took a look at your website for the pups, and found loads more info (Thank you). I was very happy to see some info on flea and tick prevention using the oils, because I was wondering out of all the oils listed in the book which I would try on them first, hoping my first shot at it would be effective. Thank you and I hope you have a great day! ~Michelle Kogoma

After Dr. Kim’s first appearance on Family Life Radio’s morning show with Dan Rosecrans, here is the feedback she received from the host:

Dr. Kim, the pleasure was all mine. We continued to get response on your portion of the show all morning here at the station! Wow! I knew people loved their pets….now they love you, too! People were saying, “she makes so much sense“!

Dr. Kim, what a wonderful resource your website is!… hope your clients realize how lucky they are to have you! ~Casey Lomonaco, KPA CTP, APDT Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training

I loved reading your book. I could not put it down. I still browse it. I carry it from work to home and vise versa…You are an amazing writer!!!! I sell your books a lot. ~Fabienne Lawrence

Hi Dr. Kim, I received your book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, yesterday and already I am finding lots of wonderful information and resources. ~Keryl Ashbach Balsam Path

I have read your book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, and I love it!! Your book has been a wonderful reference for me to care for my pet in a natural, balanced, and holistic manner. Thanks again! ~Hadas Ranon

This is the book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, that every pet owner should have. This book is well written and easy to read and understand. It opens up a world of natural pet care not only for dogs but for other pets as well. Let’s take that statement further. The book also gets you thinking about your own health and what you can do to improve it naturally. Once you start reading Whole Health, it is hard to put the book down. It is packed with useful information on treating various ailments and also discusses the problems our pets face in a world filled with man made chemicals and toxins. “Whole Health” is appropriately titled because this book looks at the “whole picture” and brings to light everything in the house, yard, environment and food that effects a dogs health. There are so many things to consider that we do on a day to day basis. Did you ever think of what that floor cleaner is doing to your dog when he licks a crumb off the floor or walks across it with wet paws? Natural pet care is more than what your dog eats. The authors take it a step further by offering additional resources for expanding your knowledge to give your pets the healthiest life that you can. This is a book that I will enjoy reading again and referring to many times. My two dogs are moving around better and I can tell they are feeling better and happier. Thank you Kim and Jill for your passion and dedication to providing better lives for our furry companions. ~Laurie Weber

I loved your book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs. A few things that I particularly liked were the discussions on dogs shedding all year long and the health impact of an underbite like in bulldogs. I found the book to be very user friendly and it talked at a level that the average pet owner could relate to.
~Kelly Bolken, CPDT

I proudly place this book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, in my library within easy reach, as I will be referring to it often. Copies of this milestone book will soon be given as gifts to my family, friends, co-workers, and my vet. Such wonderful information should be shared with everyone who has a dog or is even just thinking about getting a dog. Perhaps the most interesting chapter to me is the one about diet. It makes perfect sense to feed a species appropriate diet, yet so many people are clueless and continue to feed their dogs garbage that’s not fit to dump in a compost pile. Fantastic work Dr. Elliot and Kim Bloomer! Your book is truly exceptional! ~Sharon D. Stewart

This book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, should be a requirement for all dog owners. It is what every new dog owner needs and what people that have had dogs for a long time should have. It is easy to read and understand. It covers feeding and many preventative health care tips. It is not only very informative but a very attractive book with many color pictures. A must have. ~Edith Chupp

I purchased this book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, immediately after picking up our new puppy. This book is far MORE than a handbook – I read this book cover to cover the day I received it. It’s an easy read, truly full of information on how to naturally care for your dog. The book answered every question I had, as well as provided me with ideas that I wouldn’t have ever thought of (and has great pictures, too!) I can confidently say, as a result of reading this book, our puppy will lead a happy and healthy life. ~Donna Toothaker

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