30 Day Challenge

Lesson 14 Chapter 3

From June 21 - July 20, 2017  I conducted a 30 Day Feelings Kit Challenge with those on my Young Living team. The following videos are the videos shared on my private Facebook group. Be aware that since the videos were conducted on Facebook Live the quality isn't consistent throughout due to my wireless connection.

The challenge is from Young Living Founder, D. Gary Young with notes from Dr. David Stewart. 

The challenge is simple. Use each of the essential oils blends in a certain order and fashion with intention (see the articles by Dr. Stewart) twice daily for 30 days - morning and evening. Then wait to see the changes in your spirit or your soul (mind/will/emotions) or body or all three. Typically there will be changes in all three. What those changes are or can be are unique to each person. 

I've never done this with animals because I've found that when we get it together they do also. There is a lot to be said about that. 

Some of the members on my team also shared their experiences by video or posts but I'd rather keep those private for their sakes here. I'm just sharing my overview of each week and the initial challenge. Each day I would post a graphic to encourage, inspire or motivate the people doing the challenge. I also shared some of my own emotional release that happened during the 30 days. 

This is just an extra resource for you in case you'd like to give it a go. 

- we added in the additional Highest Potential oil blend that used to be in the kit as well.