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A Challenging Gift From Heaven

Lesson 23 Chapter 3

Challenging Gift from Heaven with Acceptance blend

I LOVE this pic of me and King with his paw on my hand! The story is even more of a blessing because King and I went from having our challenges with one another, to coming into Acceptance of each other. He accepts and loves me. I accept and love him. It didn't happen "magically". Magic isn't something I delve into anyway as I want the REAL, the TRUTH and that comes in JESUS!

I had to come to believe that I am Accepted in the Beloved. Jesus did a whole lot for me (us) on the Cross. More than we may ever know in this life. The story of King and I is ever evolving. While he's still "growlie" lol, it's become a way he communicates with just me. He's different with my husband - he does a grumble talk with him. And a different talk with Ezra. He is a very special boy and I am very grateful God chose him for us. I accept him as he is, and he does likewise for me. 

Acceptance blend:

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