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A Girl and Her Dog

Lesson 7 Chapter 3

Shadrach the Neo Mastiff

The audio above will have given you the full story on this absolutely amazing canine, Shadrach, who taught me so very much. I'd not even be here doing what I do if it weren't for him. He was so very special and to think I nearly missed it - I wasn't sure I wanted to keep him! I can't even fathom how much of a mistake that would've been. I'm glad I listened to my friend.

He blossomed from an ugly duckling puppy into the beauty you see before you and rather quickly I might add. The real ingredient was love. It always is. He was fearful of many things and rightly so after what humans did to him. Those humans were in need of rescuing as much as he was. I hope they received it. 

That's my hope these days - to see both animals and people WELL. Not getting well, BEING well. LIVING well.

I chose this oil blend for this story because it helps us with those negative emotions and feelings of insecurity. In fact as I'm writing this, I just realized this could be a great one to use with my current fearful and reactive puppy, Ezra. You'll learn later what I have been using with him...funny how this story and the one with Ezra both have a "white" oil blend involved!

The audio is from my book, Animals Taught Me That

Mine and Shadrach's oily journey story is on this blog post:

Shadrach has a class where he teaches you all about oils, dogs and of course always faith. He also shares more of his own journey. Just use this link to access that free class: ReBARKably Scentable Canine


Interested in any of the essential oils, simply get back with the person who invited you to view this class. If you found it on your own or from me, then use this link, YL ID#767865

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