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A Matter of Love

Lesson 27 Chapter 3

Arroyo Rescues with One Heart oil blend

This story might seem weird since it involves stuffed animals I found out during my early morning desert walks. Tossed aside or simply lost. I keep them to remind me that we are stewards of this earth and we do it to God's glory to take care of it. Those who don't either don't know Him yet, or just don't care or think it's their problem. The thing is, if you are a Believer it IS our responsibility. When I'd go on my morning walks I always carried bags so I could pick up the trash thrown out. Some things were very good - blankets, backpacks, tools, etc. We clean things up and keep them or donate them. 

Also, as a Weird Animal Girl (lol), I just like stuffed animals as well as live ones. I always have. So this new blend that came out during the Virtual 2020 YL Convention (sigh, no live event this year and ya'll ought to know why), this blend was created to help others as much as yourself! It really does smell good and I feel the difference in myself within a minute or two after applying it!

One Heart blend:

One Heart’s proprietary blend includes Ylang Ylang, Valor, Ocotea, Lemon, Lime, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and Spearmint. I feel a noticeable difference soon after applying this oil which I typically use over my heart. And the scent, let's just say it's heavenly!

In the spirit of this uplifting, connecting blend, 35 percent of each wholesale purchase goes to The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation to empower, improve, inspire, and change the lives of those in need. 

To read this story in its entirety go here: - the audio isn't connected to this post, but the message sure is!

Interested in any of the essential oils, simply get back with the person who invited you to view this class. If you found it on your own or from me, then use this link, YL ID#767865

One Heart YL Blend