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A Story Paints a Picture

Lesson 17 Chapter 3

Schatzie's Story Paints a Picture

Early morning walk/runs are something I've been doing for many years. However, they got far more interesting when I began doing them out here in my high desert home, first with my beautiful boy Meshach, and then with my girl Schatzie. By nature, the CD (Carolina Dog) is at home in the wild of nature. There are still wild ones in the Carolinas. 

Even though Schatzie was 7+ years old when she came to live with us, I had zero doubt this girl could and would keep me on my toes experiencing all that God had for us to experience in our early morning jaunts. She was my running partner until she was 11 years old! Just goes to show what kind of stamina and endurance these dogs have. As you'll see in the story I share about some of our experiences, and because of them, I chose Hope oil blend for this story. I learned far more about faith during our early morning walks, our encounters with wildlife, some very dark mornings that felt scary to me, a couple of encounters with domestic dogs I'd love to have avoided, but especially our encounters with God! I learned so much with her and my Hope grew in light of all I learned. 

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