Essential Oils for Dogs

Animals Sing

Lesson 48 Chapter 7

Animals sing -  vibration for them is a form of communication – mice, birds, crickets, elephants, whales, cats, and dogs too! I sing to my dogs and they sing back! Check out this podcast: Singing to Our Dogs and as the video shows dogs sing. The dog in the video is a New Guinea Singing Dog. My Neo Mastiff Shadrach was also quite the singer when he was with us!

ALL creation sings!

Mice: Did you know that mice sing? Oh yes they sure do. ( They sound like whales when the sounds is slowed down for the human ear to hear. Very interesting.

rumble to a Barry White sort of tune to bring on the mood for mating! ( “It allows the animals to communicate over distances of up to six miles. The low-pitched elephant calls, occupying a frequency range below 20 Hertz, may seem to have little in common with human singing."

Whales sing, we all know that! Mail Humpback Chorus

Fish is to the coral reef what birds are to trees/plants
: Fish Sing a Dawn Chorus Like Songbirds

communicate with plants through vibration: See How Bees Sense Flowers Electric Field

Cats purr and sing of course: The Healing Purr

- a group singing in unison


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