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Now let's move into some other toxins that I have mentioned but not elaborated on...and I'll start with my favorite: FOOD! Yes, FOOD! If humans only would THINK about what they are calling FOOD for dogs before feeding it, DOGS would be SO much healthier as a result regardless of what "professionals" may say to the contrary, WOOF!

But I want to share with you ALL of the toxins in the HOME that also can be what stops us from being wholly well Mom is VERY passionate about helping people learn this. Dogs are carnivores humans. ALL anatomy and physiology point to this - no matter who says otherwise. Don't worry, Mom has a GREAT program for pet owners to learn all of this in a non-scary fashion. I can assure you humans it sure isn't scary to us, WOOF


Look deep into nature and then you’ll understand everything better
. ~Albert Einstein

Nutrition- eating things that humans KNOW aren't good for them such as processed and fast foods - by the way the same holds true for us animals. If it isn't good for you humans, then how could it possibly be good for us? Bepaws someone said so, does that make it so???

Humans, listen to me, if it comes in a bag or can it is denatured, processed junk food period. We are designed to eat raw, fresh, whole foods according to our species needs which in the case of us canines is raw meat, bones and organs.Yes RAW. We are of the same canis lupus as the wolf. What do wolves, coyotes and WILD dogs eat??? What ought domestic dogs eat? Also note that domestic and wild only has one difference: humans. Food-like products don't count as food but they do count as toxins. Artificial flavorings, food dyes, MSG, the list is extensive - and did you know even less savory ingredients are in pet food? You didn't? Mom explains it in depth in her dog wellness course: 

 DOGgone Wellness Course

Dogs and cats often eat food processing and packaging chemicals that contaminate their food, day after day and year after year, resulting in cumulative exposures with unknown health risks (FDA CVM 2008b).”

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