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Canine Scents

Lesson 15 Chapter 3

Canine Scents

When I first saw a photo of King I thought he was so handsome! I'd often thought having a bully breed would be a wonderful addition to our home. So did my husband who fell headlong in love with this boy from day one. I thought I had as well. I just thought he was SO short after having had such a big Golden, then a big Neo, then a huge Dane. Then along comes vertically challenged King lol. However, he has always been very large in his demeanor and attitude.

While the story goes that he and I had many disagreements orignally, he became the therapy dog I never knew I needed. King taught me all about emotional release and took me into my own journey into using the oils for exactly that very thing. In all truth, he is about the sweetest, most loving dog you'll meet. He is intense yes because after all he's got terrier blood in him! The sweetness is just who he is, he may be a bully breed, but he's no bully! King helped me to release things in my life that I'd long held onto. I'm still on that journey but without my sweet little Doodle Bug (one of my many nicknames for him), I'm not sure how far along on my faith journey I'd be. Thank you Bubby boy, I love you so much. Release oil blend because it sure does get the emotional stink out of you!

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