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Clarity in the Mist

Lesson 12 Chapter 3

Clarity  comes in the mist

One of my favorite games with any of my dogs that are willing to play the game is Hide and Seek. I've played it with every single one. The one that has excelled at it is my current puppy, Ezra. Shadrach was so funny because he never tried to sniff out to find me, he went solely on sound and sight. So of course I fooled him a lot lol! Not that he wasn't super smart because he was, he was just his own unique self.

Schatzie was rather meh, on the whole game lol. However, she did love going on our early morning desert outtings. With her I had the best nature and spiritual walks. Schatzie took them to the next level with us walking, running and encountering so much wildlife as well as many God encounters. 

Meshach got me started on those long early morning desert walks which he absolutely loved and he also loved the Hide and Seek game too. King has some fun with the game, but he's far more interested in playing tuggie - his alltime fave game! His other favorite game is wrestling with Ezra - lol good thing it's not us he likes to do that with!

Now with Ezra I get to have more nature and God encounters. Hmmm, there must be something about these Carolina Dogs that allows all of that to manifest more often. I don't know. I'm just grateful to God for whatever He wants to share with me. 

In the morning, whether misty or clear, whether cold or hot, whatever it might be, clarity comes. 

This oil blend I like to use when I'm working on a project, but you know it works when we need clarity in any area of our life. I use it both topically on the crown of my head as well as diffuse it. 

Clarity blend:

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