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Detoxing Naturally

Lesson 25 Chapter 3

How I Detoxed Naturally

Remember in a previous lesson I stated how I was released from all my work - my school, partnership, podcast and friendship? Well in 2019 our girl Schatzie also departed to be back in eternity. She was released from her pain and suffering into freedom as well. We did the final complete close on our school as well. And before the 2019 Convention I made sure to complete the 60 Day Freedom Sleep and Freedom Release Challenge. Wow, every time I do an emotional detox it sure affects my body too but that's because we store those emotions in our bodies! 

We need those things released so we can make new and better choices going forward so we aren't stuck making repeatedly bad or unhealthy choices for ourselves. We want the emotions of Jesus not Adam!

The pic was just funny as we were so tired.  Bre and I were up at 4AM to be at the airport at 6AM during the 2018 Convention. We were in such a hurry and had slept maybe a couple of hours. So I hurriedly put on my shirt in the semi-dark after my quick shower. I didn't even realize until we had checked in and were getting some breakfast that my shirt was inside out. Bre snapped the pic as we laughed then I dashed into the bathroom to make right that wrong lol. All in good fun though and that lack of sleep was worth the great time I had!

Coming back to reality I had to learn to live without any of the accolades and position I had had formerly. Good wakeup call to release it all to God and be FREE in Him! Because who the Son sets free is free indeed!

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