Essential Oils for Dogs

Dog Sense is Scents-able

Lesson 7 Chapter 3

My nose knows a LOT of things. If I don't like something you will see a very baggy snarly lip go up hehe. It might seem scary to you but my humans think it is pretty funny. They also trust that snarl to show them if something isn't good.

When Mom used to use a lot of toxic chemical stuff to make herself "pretty" I used to let her know I didn't like the smell of those things. I would snarl and bark at her if I smelled it. She thought it was funny...until she learned better and knew I was telling her for her own good, WOOF!

Humans can be pretty dense sometimes. It can be VERY challenging to train your human to figure out what is good for them or not (AND for you!) but just stay persistent and sooner or later (more and more it is later bepaws humans only seem to look at their phones not up, down or pay attention to anything else it seems) they will figure it out. Don't let up on them, MAKE them hear you canines, WOOF!

Here is how to understand how we SEE and SCENT humans - so you will believe us when we bark, "That isn't good for you put it down!" or "YES, I like this!"

Just in case that isn't enough for you humans, here is a blog post my human wrote about the COLOR of Scent! Yes you read that right AND there is a video to go with it!

Have you ever wondered why our YL bottles have certain colors on them???


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