Essential Oils for Dogs

Dogs Love Raindrops

Lesson 21 Chapter 6

"The first step in natural healing is responsibility. Natural healing is about taking control of your life and being responsible for everything that goes in and out of your body, mind and spirit." ~Richard Schulze

Not RAINING on us humans but dropping essential oils on us. Okay Mom is a HUGE fan of raindrop technique for humans. She is also a HUGE fan of it for using on dogs. On most of her dogs she has to just do a modified massage on them with the oils but with MOI, I took the entire raindrop technique and I can tell you it was MAH-velous DAH-ling!

For me it was for my aging body and also to give me some relief from my aging discomfort. For her other dogs it is also for both of those things. She says we smell really nice too...okay but naturally reared dogs (aka those raised without all those toxins as I mentioned previously and fed a raw carnivore diet) smell nice anyway. It's a benefit of being raised naturally. I mean you don't think carnivore predators would catch much prey if they smelled badly all the time do you???

I digress...back to the raindrop technique. You can learn all about the human technique and the oils used, on this Young Living site:

Mom is not one of those proponents of putting oils on the bottoms of our feet bepaws our paws have scent glands there and also it is a detoxification pathway for us. But you can do the Vitaflex up our legs. Or not. You can do the full raindrop on our spine. Or you can modify it to just a massage using oils.

There are videos on YouTube on how to do one (as you see at the beginning of this lesson).

Also check out Dr. Doug Corrigan's video class on using essential oils with pets bePAWS he gives very good guidelines on dilution ratios and safety:

you can get veterinarian Dr. Nancy Brandt's DVD on how to do one:

This and diffusing the oils are two of mom's most favorite ways to use essential oils with dogs - and of course she would NEVER use any other oils other than Young Living this way on dogs, WOOF!

Things to KNOW

1. Your dog

2. What you are wanting to achieve

3. Less is often more with us dogs so go VERY easy

4. When in doubt, leave it out

5. Go back to the disclaimer on this class so you can be aware that if you aren't sure about what you are doing, then don't do it. Get guidance. Dr. Doug's class REALLY helps! And it's only $19.99! OR you can get guidance from mom once you are signed up on her team, WOOF!

Raindrop Technique Kit by Young Living

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