Essential Oils for Dogs

Electrical /electronic devices/harsh sounds

Lesson 18 Chapter 4

As you may or may not be aware, we are living in an invisible fog of electropollution or EMFs. Electropollution is nonionizing electromagnetic radiation frequencies propagated through the atmosphere from everything from overhead cables, mobile telephone masts, mobile phones, wireless devices (DECT), computers, microwaves, electrical currents within our homes and offices, x-rays and also ultraviolet radiation. Every second of the day, we and our pets are being constantly bombarded with electromagnetic frequency waves that are all harmful due to the damage they can cause to our bodies at a cellular level that cloud up the electrical communication within the body (both human and animals). This has been shown to cause serious health issues from minor issues such as fatigue and brain fog all the way to diabetes to cancer.

Our exposure to EMFs/electropollution has been shown to actually affect the way the body’s cells communicate with one another and therefore affecting the ability to function properly. These positive ion pulsating frequencies actively destroy the body’s healthy cells and cause blockages in the flow of our body’s vital energy which can lead to chronic disease.

When essential oils are diffused, they put out negative ions which not only help to naturally purify the air but they boost the mood, and combat electropollution.

Things I use to support myself (and husband/dogs) against harmful EMFs:

1. Young Living Essential Oils - of course as I'm a long time user and distributor of Young Living

2. WholeTones Music Project (I receive a referral discount when I share this link - much like Kohl's Kash - you can do likewise)

3. SafeSleeve for my mobile devices (I receive a referral discount when I share this link - much like Kohl's Kash - you can do likewise)

4. EarthCalm - the newest addition to my arsenal

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