Emotional Mind Mapping

Lesson 23 Chapter 3

Emotional Mind Mapping: Removing Obstacles and Manifesting

Our Dreams Using Essential Oils

Based on Gary Young’s workshop, Saturday, March 9th, 2013: Emotional Release with Essential Oils

Our behavior patterns and attitudes from our parents and ancestors are programmed in our DNA (blueprint) and RNA (memory). Replication of the DNA will go on forever unless this processing sequence is interrupted. Essential oils have the ability to access and interrupt this replication!

Identify your own programming and behavior patterns! Reflect back and decide what you wish to change. Write down what is not working in your life. Be ready to let go of anything that is not serving you in a positive way.

Questions to ask oneself:

  • Do I know who I am?

  • Am I in charge of my own destiny?

  • Am I a product of my parents and their DNA?

  • Are there things I would like to change about my beliefs and behavior?

  • What lies did my parents and teachers tell me?

  • What lies do I tell myself, my family, my friends?

  • Is my life really successful?

  • What does success mean to me?

  • Do I have great health?

  • Am I financially independent and do I have more than I need?

  • Do I have enough that I can share w/ others?

  • Is my life really working, or am I just fooling myself?

  • Do I make excuses for not being what I could be?

  • Is my life full of deep burning purpose?

  • Do I know wha tI want in my life?

  • Does my life make a difference?

  • Am I rowing my boat through life or still trying to get in the boat?

  • Am I caught in my own web? (making excuses, blaming others...)

  • Am I behind the camera or in front of it?

  • You can change! Change your belief system; change your thinking; change how you see yourself; change your behavior patterns...change your life! While you are about it, eliminate these two words from your vocabulary: “Try” and “Can’t”

“Action!!!! Thought undelivered is worthless!” ~Gary Young, Founder of Young Living Essential Oils

Bolded names below are YL essential oil blends. 

Let’s learn Gary’s process for eliminating obstacles using EO’s!

  • Valor first!

  • Write your limiting beliefs in the circles with the central/core one

    in the middle circle. Use pencil, as pencil more effectively

    imprints and grounds.

  • Assign a number that represents the amount of emotional charge it holds for you (1-10).

  • Using pencil, draw counter-clockwise circles around each circle to erase these limiting beliefs, starting w/ the circle containing the greatest emotional charge.

  • In your non-dominant hand, apply Trauma Life and/or Release to release past traumas, disappointments while affirming,
    I lovingly release and let go of all things that no longer serve me.” Or “I lovingly release the thought that.....

  • Acceptance and Forgiveness what is past in order move ahead

  • Continue these counter clockwise circles until the emotional

    intensity is down to a 2 or less.

    Let’s create our new dream and manifestation!

  • Awaken to new potentials and realities! Envision your new life!

  • Write your dream in the present tense as if it has already

    happened! First the central one and all the feelings and thoughts

    that spring from it.

  • Assign a number that indicates your excitement level.

  • Draw clockwise circles around each of your circles in order to

    program this!

  • Meanwhile, breathe in EO’s such as Highest Potential, Abundance,

    Transformation while drawing these clockwise circles.

  • Before bed: Apply Inspiration and Dream Catcher and massage

    head with Into the Future

  • Sacred Frankincense and Highest Potential every morning!

A day can make a huge difference in your life! Change can only be achieved with persistence and consistency.....

Continue doing this process at home as often as possible. Even 5 min

Eagles and Crows

  • Crows are like some people....they are there to pester us

  • Eagles just climb higher and never look back at the crows.

    Let’s fly like eagles!

The books I suggest in this video:

D. Gary Young: The World Leader in Essential Oils by Mary Young

How Do Essential Oils Work? by Dr. Doug Corrigan

Your Health Has Been Hijacked by Dr. Tom Reed