Essential Oils for Dogs


Lesson 10 Chapter 4

The SOUL humans! Yep, the mind, will, emotions are the soul. You see you ARE a spirit, you LIVE in a body and you HAVE a soul! This is very imPAWtent to know, WOOF!

Toxins in the mind, toxins in the brain, toxins in the whole body, WOOF! Humans are VERY fond of using toxins for everything bepaws they seem to be afraid of everything except for the toxins they use to fight toxins? Makes no canine SCENTS whatsoever so I am going to share with you all the things that can and often do hinder our health and how you can help restore it by removing the toxins from our muzzles...from our lives!


When I first came to my humans as I said in my story, I was an emotional mess. Scared of everything, I would bark or growl at things like garbage cans, trees, lots of "normal" things bepaws I wasn't socialized or even taken anywhere so I didn't know a real threat from a false one. I also had lots of nightmares. I would wake up in the middle of the night howling a "mournful howl" as my Mom would often say.

I was a BIG puppy (a BUPPY as Mom says) with BIG fears.  More and more science of late has been "proving" that animals have emotions, attitudes and feelings. Ahem, well DUH- I know, humans are SLOW to learn and believe. Animals don't need studies to prove all these things to them. Humans are just weird that way.

I will give you ONE guess on what she used to help me overcome much of my emotional baggage - okay maybe TWO guesses hehe.

, essential oils AND music! Well sort of music...she sang to me. She always says only a dog can appreciate her singing but she does sing in tune even if not well so that helps, WOOF! She made up a song just for ME! Yep, and it is always going to be just MY song. She would use calming essential oils, singing my song to me while doing a light massage along my neck, ears and spine - every single night too!  I would go right to sleep and before long the bad dreams began to be less and less until they were no more.

Was it the singing? Well if you heard you might think I'd have more bad dreams but I know that the combination of the two - her love, her lullabies, and the oils are what brought back harmony to my life. 

The reason the essential oils helped me with this so much was bepaws they play a very critical role in helping us and humans to release trapped emotions in...wait for it...our BODIES! Yep, traumatic emotions get locked in our BODIES that can and often do cause us to become unwell. The essential oils allow us to return to harmony, vibrational wellness. So now you know why her singing together with the calming oils really helped me and rather quickly too.

However, while I began to be well emotionally I had a ways to go in my body but that's bepaws of my VERY poor start and the vibrations had to get back into proper alignment...I needed some good vibrations, WOOF! Mom and I learned LOTS together. If it wasn't for me she may still be very clueless locked in the captivity of conventional thinking and conventional tools.

I'm VERY expressive about she had no choice but to learn hehe.

Actually, scientific evidence in the last half century clearly shows that your emotions – the good ones and the bad – affect you in multiple ways: health, schoolwork, job performance, relationships and much more. Whether you feel them naturally or intentionally – today I will think only good thoughts – your emotions are kind of like the old adage, "you are what you eat."  ~Emotions Can Change Your DNA

Mom says
: "Essential oils and oil blends with higher frequency ranges work in the emotional and spiritual regions When your or your pet’s body is out of balance, Young Living’s pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils may help the cells resonate at proper frequencies and increase the vibration of the entire body, restoring homeostasis to all systems, body, mind and spirit.  For instance, the emotions of fear and anxiety create an acidic condition that activates the transcript enzyme that transcribes that emotion onto the RNA template and stores it within the DNA. That emotion then becomes a predominant factor in our lives from that moment on. Essential oils can change that genetic structure by calming the central nervous system through the amygdala and pineal gland, enabling the release of stored trauma and negative emotions."

My attitude definitely changed...I became more ME. More confident. The love of my humans and the more natural lifestyle they were doing with me made a HUGE difference. They continued to learn and apply...which is what a journey is all about humans!

"Oh, love will make a dog howl in rhyme." ~Josh Billings

Bepaws I was now loved and properly cared for, with my humans using less and less toxins with me, when I howled it was in harmony...a rhythm. A rhyme, WOOF!

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