Emotions Class YL 2016

Lesson 27 Chapter 4


These are my notes that I took, then brought home from the 2016 Young Living Convention and recorded for a friend. The audio is available in my paid audio course, Faith, Dogs, Oils - coming soon. Several oil blends are mentioned by Gary Young in this class he taught, so I'll share below what each are and the short message he gave on each:

1. Gary mentions releasing trapped emotions using these three oil blends in this order (he gives you the protocol to follow): Acceptance, Release, Gratitude. I've hyperlinked each to the YL website so you can learn about each blend. I've used every single oil blend he mentions in this class. They are amazing! Each was blended according to their vibrational frequency. To learn more on that topic, just access the free class here, DIGGING Those Good Vibrations

2. To release deep-seated emotions Gary suggested two very powerful oil blends he created: Trauma Life and Brain Power. You can use the Emotional Mind Mapping guide available in the previous section. 

3. To really get your thoughts and emotions in the right place Gary used to do the following and he very much encouraged us to do this using Morning Start Bath Gel like a bubble bath with Release blend (10 drops) in the tub. Then diffuse the blend Surrender using a nebulizer diffuser like the Aromalux, not a water diffuser.  Stating while you soak, "Father, thank you" repeatedly. 

4. Gary said everyone ought to use the Common Sense blend because there isn't enough of that going around these days lol. 

5. Gary said that manmade frequencies = destruction. God made frequencies (as in essential oils, the earth, etc.) = construction. Also note once again that Gary blended all the YL Oil blends based on frequencies rather than scent although the scent on most is divine!

6. To assist with your own deep self-evaluation diffuse Believe and Clarity (I use these two often). 

7. To remove negativity diffuse Clarity and Forgiveness (this one comes in the Feelings Kit).  I've found also using Angelica (to remove my own negativity) and White Angelica to keep others negativity from me works well also. 

8. Gary suggested two ways to get motivated: either put Motivation on your pillow at night, OR apply Motivation coupled with En-R-Gee during the day! I've done the latter many times. 

9. If you are having mind games going on relentlessly in your head, these are the oil blends Gary suggested to use regularly until that changes: Harmony, Clarity, BrainPower and Valor. Valor and Harmony come in the Feelings Kit

10. Other oils to consider - YL has a vast array of blends: https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/c/essential-oil-products/blends

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