Faith, Dogs, Oils

Follow through

Lesson 33 Chapter 4

The question now BEGS, what do you do now???

Make a decision for YOU and your dog's wellness. Diffusing and applying oils was my first step in my natural wellness regimen. I then began doing all the things to help stay, live and BE WELL. My other free courses here can help you in this journey. I did the same for my dog, in fact he was the reason I began using the oils in the first place as you now know - it's a story I repeat in varying ways in every class. 

So how do you do join so you can get started? Get back with the person who shared this course with you. They are eager to help you and/or your dog get started on this oily drop, one dog at a time!

If you found me through an internet search, my podcast or just as a referal, then I am very happy to help you get started on this amazing oily journey.  Just go to this page and I'll be happy to get you started as part of my team and added to our FB group as well! Join Young Living

If you are already a Young Living customer, then stay with your sponsor and put your new DOGgone Oil-ucation into practice!

To learn more check out the rest of the free courses available here on this site. For using the oils check out my Oily Resource Center

My hope, my dream, my wish for ALL of you is for you AND your dogs to BE WELL!!!

To DIG deeper, check out my full course, Tune in to God's Voice!