Essential Oils for Dogs

Harmonizing Body Systems

Lesson 16 Chapter 4

As you learned in the previous section, we know that frequencies used to enhance the body systems (such as music or essential oils) is to understand that this is only possible because the body is in a constant state of vibration. Every single cell, tissue, bone, muscle, organ, system in the body is in a state of vibration. If we are in health then the body has a frequency of harmonic health. If that frequency, however, is counter to health in a state of disharmony (like an instrument out of tune as mentioned previously) then disharmony or discord happens to bring the body into a state of dis-ease. It is no longer "at ease" so it goes into "dis-ease". If the body is in harmony with a healthy vibration that is resonance, if it is out of tune (disharmonic) then dis-ease is what results.

When all parts - cells, tissues, organs, muscles, bones, et al is in its own resonant frequency it comes together in a harmonic symphony of sound. Dis-harmony is what leads to a state of dis-integration.

Modern English has changed the real meaning of the words by removing the hyphenation

Dis-harmony really just means no harmony. The word "disease" is really just a label slapped on a symptom to make it sound scary enough that you will surrender logic to fear so you don't make wise, informed choices. On the other hand the real word, "dis-ease" is showing you your body is out of harmony, it isn't at ease any longer, so what is needed is to bring it back into harmony with the proper vibrational frequencies.

"Dis-integration"really means a lack of integration between all parts of the body. Re-integration happens when we receive a vibrational tune-up! My choice of "tuning fork" is essential oils*.

A body out of harmony is at dis-ease

The most dis-empowering story of all time is the genes story. If they can convince people that they have a "disease" and not a "dis-ease" then you believe you are a victim of circumstance which is not remotely true. This belief system closes the mind off from seeking out real solutions. It has people "skeptical" about real solutions that exist and even worse it has created an entire generation of people leaning on this excuse/story because their problems are the greatest addiction on earth and they have no idea who they would be without them. Sub-conscious mind viruses can have people sprinting in the opposite direction of their best life and they must be re-programmed
."~Mike Donkers, Understanding the True Meaning of Disease(

To summarize:

If frequencies are low or out of balance then illness results. When we use healing frequency tools we can support the body so it can then "tune" back into to the proper frequency for health. In fact, by using these frequency tools (such as essential oils) we can keep the body from ever going into a dis-ease state and without negative side effects.


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