Essential Oils for Dogs

Healing Frequencies: Nature’s Vibration

Lesson 12 Chapter 3

This is an AUDIO lesson. Recorded: May 14, 2014

Did you know?

"White light focused through a prism can create a laser beam that can cut through steel."Dr. Joseph Peck (MD) shared this in his class, Uncommon Journaling for Divine Destiny

Young Living Essential Oils has an occasional offering of a blend of essential oil called, "White Light". It is one of the most powerful essential oil blends I've ever had the pleasure to experience! It is one I've used regularly with my Carolina Dog puppy, Ezra who has suffered from epigenetic vaccinosis. I know now why this helps calm him and help him as he goes through detoxifying the cell memory of those very damaging vaccines in his blood line. 

This oil blend is so laser focused it cuts through our emotional and mental barriers allowing the True Light, THE White Light (Yeshua) to cut through the steel barriers of our emotional blockages to bring healing to us!

Also did you know that everything in life is vibration? Albert Einstein said that and Nikola Tesla also said something very similar. You see, God is Love, He is Light, and He is Life. Light is SOUND at a much higher frequency. Matter is sound at a much lower frequency. When we vibrate in tune with God's frequency, then we are in that laser focused White Light releasing His resurrection power in this world!


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