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My King and I

Lesson 26 Chapter 3

Bubby Boy Under the Dome with Raindrop Kit

This is just one more precious story with my Bubby Boy, King. He's so unique but then aren't they all? He's become so extra special to me over the years. From our challenging start to this. He had never gotten into the AromaDome with me prior to this as the post below explains in detail. I was diffusing the raindrop kit oils all put together in one bottle. Since I used to do a full raindrop massage on my girl Schatzie every week, I wonder if it just made him remember that scent on her? If he felt close to her by being in there with me to smell that scent?

So of course the Raindrop Technique Kit is the appropriate one for this lesson. There is so much to know about this special technique. Early in my Young Living journey I took a 2-day intensive in raindrop technique, Vitaflex and emotional release. It was pivotal for me! Here is a link to learn more about the raindrop technique on people (you've heard how I improvised that on both King and Schatzie in an earlier lesson - and the video visual is available to watch also in subsequent dog courses I have available here for you).

One of my very first podcasts back in 2005 was about the raindrop technique. 

Raindrop Technique Collection kit:

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Interested in any of the essential oils, simply get back with the person who invited you to view this class. If you found it on your own or from me, then use this link, YL ID#767865

Raindrop Technique Kit by Young Living

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