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Naturopathy is a Lifestyle!

Lesson 3 Chapter 2

An awesome PhD I follow on Facebook and learn from wrote the following:

** Natural Medicine isn't Crazy **

People that use natural plant based products (such as essential oils) to improve their health are normally labeled as crazy. 

If we're crazy, then the people who practice western medicine are equally as crazy. 

Did you know that over a 25-year period from 1981-2006, 52% of the 1,186 new drug molecules developed and approved by the FDA were directly copied or inspired by a compound found in nature? These FDA approved drugs include pain killers, anesthetics, anti-Alzheimer’s, antidepressants, anti-allergy, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antiviral, and anticancer medications, among many others.

The first drugs developed back in the 1800's were based directly on plant compounds. And even in this modern era, pharmaceutical companies are looking to plants and other natural sources as the best source for innovative chemistry to inspire new drug leads. 

So if we're crazy, everyone is crazy.

*** To learn more about this topic, read chapters 6, 7, and 8, in my new book, “How Do Essential Oils Work? ———-—>***

Best Regards,

Dr. Doug Corrigan

Funny thing is, Dr. Doug used to work helping the pharmaceutical companies. His book that he mentioned above definitely explains why he no longer does without him having to explain because he explains why they can't produce wellness in us versus what God has given us in nature to use for that. 

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