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Observe Nature

Lesson 19 Chapter 3

Observing Nature with Awaken oil

Schatzie had begun to really decline in her strength, stamina and health at this point. As usual when a dog of mine is letting go, I also go into total denial. I understood her time with us may be short as when she came to us she was not well. I thought at that time she'd not be with us more than a few months at most. She sure fooled me. She lived 5 1/5 years with us and they just went too fast and it was too short of a time. However, I am very grateful God gifted her into our lives. She was a true treasure of darkness!  

This particular day we were walking with my husband Donnie and our other dog King. Schatzie had started really slowing down, not even walking fast never mind running. So I wanted to be sure she and I were both safe so Donnie and King began walking with us. I'd run with King on the walk down and then turn around to come back to wherever Donnie and Schatzie were. Poor Donnie, he didn't get as much walking time as he wanted but he enjoyed walking with Schatzie as she was so easy unlike King lol.

This particular morning all three of them missed what I was blessed to see. Schatzie had helped Awaken me to ALL that God has to show us in His amazing Creation. Just think, this earth is only a grain of sand in the entire Creation that He has and continues to create! And yet He cares for us!!! He's mindful of us, WOW! Awaken to ALL of that and ALL that He has for you!! And since He's given us dominion, let's do our part in taking care of what He left for us okay? Yep, that's the reason for the audio I chose for this lesson. 

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