Our Role as the Advocate for Our Pets

Lesson 28 Chapter 4

I shared a series on losing our pets on my business FB page. I'll share here with you some of that so you can see how important it is, so we prevail and have strength to endure the loss of our loved ones. I've used the oils greatly for this:

"As a former vet tech I saw this so many times. But as a dog owner, I had to leave the room when we were having our young boy Meshach (if you listened to the podcast from my previous post you'll know about this story) because he was 1) already put under an anesthetic to stop the seizures, and it was taking so long for him to pass. I couldn't bear it.

I get this vet's frustration totally though.


I've shared so much in the last couple of weeks on pet loss. Know that sometimes we can allow them to go on their own terms: hospice. I did that with my Shadrach as you'll know if you listened to that podcast. My hope has been with this series that you'll know you have choices but it also depends on your dog. Just know YOU are their world, so when you decide to take one in, BE there with them even if it is SO hard for you. Be there. They're depending on you."

And use the oils, they've helped me SO much...so very, very much and I want them to help you and your dogs too!

Blog posts I've written to help with the emotions of our dogs: