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Scent of the Sent

Lesson 32 Chapter 3

Scent of the Sent with Forgiveness essential oil blend

Forgiveness for ourselves and others. Forgiveness because the Lord calls us to this. What better way to end this class than with forgiveness? It's lacking in this world with everyone wanting to be right which by the way makes everyone else wrong in our own eyes. Let me share a quote I've shared a lot on my podcast:  "The problem is… we get into WHO is right and WHO is wrong vs WHAT is right and WHAT is wrong." ~Coach George Raveling

As a Believer, a follower of Jesus Christ, it is my responsibility to focus on and deliver the truth about WHAT is wrong or right. All "feelings" aside (isn't that what in part this class has been about?) it is about Truth. Jesus is THE Way, THE Truth, THE Life - the ONLY way to Father. I didn't say that, HE did in John 14:6! I believe Him!!! He modeled everything we need in this life. He gave us His own life in order to do so. Forgiving is for the person as much as for you - we keep hearing that it isn't these days, but that simply isn't true. 

It's funny how it's Ezra (the one I struggle and have struggled with the most) that this is the blend I chose for this story. One thing about this blend, it is such a lovely scent - the sweet scent of Forgiveness!

Forgiveness blend:

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