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Lesson 18 Chapter 3

Speaking life in freedom

Oh that 2018 YL Convention was the best! We had so much fun!! It was a very hard year for me though. My former business partner/colleague/co-host and I closed our online school in animal naturopathy that we worked hard building for years, along with our long-running podcast we began in 2005 that provided a lot of the audio material for our coursework. We released each other into our separate destinies as well. It was super hard as we'd worked together since 2004. While the school remained open to current students until May 2019, the true ending for me began that April 2018 at the announcement of our closing. Convention was in June and it was a needed respite and vacation from it all. 

It's interesting that this convention was named Freedom. I felt that instant release of freedom from what had become far more of a burden than a joy. I don't regret it at all as I learned so much, met new people online and off, and more. Two of our graduates are good friends of mine and were at this Convention as my partners in FUN. We laughed (and cried), sang, danced and really enjoyed ourselves. I feel like that convention was second only to the 2015 one in Dallas, TX where I met both of them in person for the first time - and it was an instantaneous connection! The joy in my face in this pic is as real as it gets as I was released into a new found Freedom, even though it was also a painful release. Freedom oil is the perfect choice for this story!

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