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Stretching into Trust with Broken Dogs

Lesson 13 Chapter 3

Broken dogs? Are they really broken or are they simply fallen as we are, as all Creation is? I think we add to their "brokenness" through or incorrect approach to their needs, health care, etc. We also contribute to their brokenness through our own shortcomings. In fact, I've had colleagues say that the biggest thing wrong with our dogs is US

Honestly I've not had a dog my entire adult life that didn't have something "wrong" with them. Each one has been a little worse. My friend, who comes to cut my hair, said she has even noticed that each one I've had is just a bit more challenging. That said though, Schatzie, my Carolina Dog girl was the easiest dog I ever had. Even in her illnesses she was easy. She taught me so much and in hindsight, I would've paid FAR more attention to all she was showing me than I actually did. She was the epitome of "surrender". She modeled Jesus for me more than any dog I've had - and that's saying a lot considering the amazing dogs I've been blessed to have in my life! 

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