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The Digging Garden

Lesson 21 Chapter 3

The Digging Garden and Celebration oil

These three dogs! ALL of my dogs truth be told have loved to dig. It was with Shadrach though that I learned a way to help them be able to do that without ruining my yards, especially as puppies. Rather than DIGGING into this topic, I invite you to listen to the audio and/or read the post below for all of that fun.

Why Celebration oil? To celebrate the lives of these amazing dogs as well as encouraging you to celebrate your own life, as fearfully and wonderfully created YOU, purposed before the foundations of this earth! You were never an accident no matter what the circumstances of your life. God meant for you to be here and for such as time as this. He never said it would be easy, but I can tell you in Him it will be and IS worth it!

Celebration blend:

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Celebration essential oil blend

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