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The Ugly Duckling

Lesson 9 Chapter 3

Shadrach the Neo Mastiff

As I stated in lesson one of this class chapter, Shadrach was anything but a beautiful puppy to me the first day I laid eyes on him. But the time of year and all my family had been through it just seemed like I had to at least "try". After that first night I was pretty sure I didn't want to go on. 

You see that's the side of me that absolutely hates change. I super struggled getting Shadrach, and also my current puppy Ezra. I wasn't as challenged (although I thought I was) with our American Bully King. The others, especially Meshach, just were a blessing to me from the getgo. Why was Shadrach so hard for me? 

Well I'd done some research on his breed the week before he came to live with us. It had been 11 months since our Golden Retriever, Fridge, had passed so I wanted to be sure I understood something about Shadrach's breed. I thought they were so ugly once I began looking into them. Thank God Shadrach turned out to be an "old school" Neo lol. However, when we first met him, while my husband fell instantly love mine wasn't so instant. I was used to Goldens. I was seeing the ugly duckling rather than seeing what he could become. Wow, I'm glad my friend gave me a good smack down verbally over him or I may not have decided to go forward. How utterly stupid that would've been!

In this photo he was 7 months old - a mere 2 1/2 months after we got him. You can see his sassiness and the beauty in him already by then. He was the dog who transformed my own life and in the process we transformed together. I discovered the essential oils or rather they discovered me via the leading of Holy Spirit for sure. He LOVED the oils! As a result I had no choice but to follow suit because Shadrach was always certain about what he was certain about lol. He just was and so it was with us all his days. 

Transformation blend:

Shadrach's transformation story can be found in its entirety on this blog post:

The audio is from my allegorical bookBe Transformed, Be Renewed Be Well

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